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Open Eyes 044 Sexual Education and Scorpion Bombs

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While Sexual Education is critically important, some schools are taking it WAY too far.  Porn websites, teaching how to masturbate, and telling kids that “Meth is GREAT for sex” is a bit outside of common sense, isn’t it?

Hear all about it in this episode of Open Eyes!





Over the past couple of day, a lot of attention has been paid on the events taking place in Sydney Australia, with the hostage situation.

I thought it at least passing strange that the events took place beginning the same day as the anniversary of the Sandy Hook stuff.


At this point, things have pretty much been resolved.  The hostages got out, with the exception of 2, who were killed by gunfire.

The hostage taker, a self-proclaimed sheik who, it seems, wanted to connect himself to ISIS, was killed after he fell asleep.

Now, you ,know, just to throw it out there.. .if i were to take some hostages, and had planned all of this stuff out in advance, as this guy obviously did, and knew that I would be keeping those hostages for a long period of time…


Maybe I would have thought to NOT do it ALONE?  I mean, the guy’s hostage taking career was ended after he apparently FELL ASLEEP, leaving the hostages unguarded.




This guy obviously had some serious thinking issues.,  Not the most dangerous bomb in the ISIS toolshed.


Speaking of ISIS bombs, did you hear the newest bombshell of about the weapons ISIS wants to use?


Scorpion bombs.


Yep.  Scorpion bombs.



Now, yes, I know this site is about as reputable as a news source as the National Enquirer, but I still thought it hilarious enough to bring to the show for a moment.  We can all use a little humor.


and, given the abject stupidity of some of these ISIS people and the things that they are doing, I really would not put something like this past their idea men.


On to something more serious, though.


Last month, it was discovered just what goes on behind the scenes at a particular sexual education conference that is held for adolescents, starting at age 11, in Oregon.







There are a few things that i could say about this, and will, I am sure, but let me start things off with this…


—  The response of the director of the event…

—  The content of the “education”

—  A lot of the WISE program is funded by the Ford foundation, Packard foundation and Hewlett Foundation, all of which have links to things like Planned Parenthood, and, in Ford Foundations case, a lot of shady dealings over the years.


Unfortunately there is little else known about the WISE program, at the moment anyhow.


The WISE program, however, DOES have some pretty serious ties with foundations and programs that support radical feminism.

I support feminists, but radical feminists are something altogether different.

Radical ANYTHING is bad.


—  Sexual Education IS important…

—  Given that the educational system is set up to actually dumb our kids down…






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