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Open Eyes 045 All These Fracking Problems

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Whether you like it or not, Fracking has been a problem in America, including some recent disasters that need to get some attention.



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A lot of people tend to take a hands off approach to the subject of fracking.

As long as their home is heated, they have their beer and football, and go to work every day, there’s no problem and they just don’t care.

This is unfortunate because t really IS a big issue, and one that we ALL need to pay attention to.



Recently, it was revealed that almost 3 BILLION gallons of fracking fluid waste water were illegally dumped into the Central California aquifers.


3 BILLION gallons of waste water.  Completely ruining a perfectly good aquifer, and in a state that is desperate for water.


What a bunch of bull.


The kicker of it all is that the companies that did it, allegedly “did it on accident.”

I’m sorry but you don’t accidentally dump 3 billion gallons of anything anywhere.  That was intentional, and if you’re at all awake and aware of the reality of the situation we are in, you know it as well.


hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent over the years by Big Oil companies to change regulations and change laws or influence lawmakers to benefit themselves.


Don’t believe me?


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not regulate fracking fluids even when they enter our water supply because in 2005, fracking was given an exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act; called the Halliburton Loophole, it was introduced when Vice President Cheney’s former employer, Halliburton, was moving into fracking.


Yeah, that wonderful company Halliburton and all of the bull crap associated with it.

Cheney was not Vice  Pres out of some altruistic intentions to change the world for the better.  No politician is.  Not anymore.


No, Old Tricky Dick was there to  line his pockets, and it’s obvious.


What, you think that his taking the vice presidency and influence peddling his way across Washington on behalf of his former company was coincidental?


Open you’re freaking eyes.




It was brought to my attention by one of my dear listeners, Surfer, that a town in Ohio has been evacuated directly because of fracking.


It all started on Saturday, Dec 13.  A leak began at the well pad in Sardis, Ohio.


Sardis is a small town, a nice little town, with not a lot of people.


Just a small thing, of no import, right?  Sure, that’s how Big Oil and the rest of the Big industries think, anyhow.


The leak began and all residents in the area were evacuated.  The town is, basically, at this point, dead in the water.


They are not allowed to go home, until everything is fixed, but it’s not clear at this point IF it will be fixed.


I used to be a little on the fence when it came to Fracking.  I have since discovered the facts behind it and have definitely changed my mind with it all.


I know, I have heard all the arguments for fracking before.  I used to MAKE the arguments about it.


But, you know, there really ARE better ways of doing things, and they are available RIGHT NOW, but, if you are at all awake, you know how those things get repressed.


They get hidden.


They get bought out and never seen again.


The biggest problem that i have with fracking, as I do with ALL industries, is that the science is still out on the whole thing.


They SAY that there is no side effects to it, but then you see that the areas being fracked are experiencing issue after issue, from earthquakes to methane in the water.


And these are areas that never before had earthquakes or never had methane in the water.


Not to mention the toxic soup that they use, going right into the ground.


There is a decided lack of scientific proof on their side, because there is so much propaganda from both sides.  But, you know, I see with eyes open, and I have done the research into both sides of it all, and i have come away from it with a decision about it.


I just ask that every else does the same.


Something I ran across that i thought I would bring to you here…

Around the country, lines are being drawn in the sand. But our need for energy will continue to grow and hydraulic fracturing is not going away any time soon. In his Huffington Post blog, Steven Cohen, executive director of the Earth Institute, offered perhaps the most reasonable perspective on fracking:

While advocates of hydraulic fracturing minimize the risk of extracting natural gas this way, and opponents of this practice do not want it to proceed under any circumstances, we need to at least explore the possibility of a middle ground. Our modern economy and the conveniences we all enjoy cannot be run without risk…. There is no pristine way to fuel a modern economy. It is delusional to think we can obtain these benefits without cost. However, it is even more delusional to think that we should develop energy without regard to its impact on human and environmental health. We should do everything we can do to understand, minimize and manage these negative impacts. Our goal should be to use these fuels as transition fuels to a renewable energy economy.





Transition fuels, sure, but while the big oil companies are still making massive buckets full of profit off of this well oiled machine, so to speak, we’re never going to see a transition to something else.


The t4ech to change things IS there.  It IS available.  But we’re not going to get access to it til we MAKE them give it to us.


FORCE them to open the vaults up and reveal what they know.

There really is no other way.

If we can’t do that, we’re going to keep getting more of the same.


More lives destroyed, more environment ruined, and more money lining the pockets of people that would shoot us in the face with a shotgun (thank you Dick Cheney) than see a dime go out to help anyone.

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