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Open Eyes 043 Government Prays To Satan

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A Council meeting opens with a prayer to Satan and people are freaking out.  Is this proof that there really is a Satanic agenda in the government?

We go into all of this in this episode of Open Eyes.


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Today is going to be a little religio-centric, but that is okay.


Recently, I did a couple of episodes talking about Islamic problems, as well as some general religion problems, and, well, there’s a lot that still needs to be talked about.
Especially at this time of year.


We’re coming up on Christmas, which means that religion is a big part of the theme of the season.  It’s just impossible to get away from, really.

Before I get into Christmas-specific things, however, there’s smething that i ran across that i just had to bring up.

I am not religious, as anyone that has listened to my show before should know by now.  I am spiritual.


I do, however, have a lot of friends that are religious, and I am exposed to some of the nuttiness that goes on, some of the funny-mentalism of fundamentalists.


Recently, in Lake Worth, Florida, the city council got together for their meeting and, before the meeting began, did, what some are calling an Invocation to Satan.


Let me play you the recording of it.






Now, some of the responses that I have heard and seen to this are things like, quoting without names to protect the ignorant…



 Someone should punch this jerk out in the parking lot! More than happy to help. What a bag of garbage (that includes the fools who stuck around for this mockery)! You can bet if he trashed the US military they would have ALL walked out. Soldiers, sailors, marines and airman don’t take insults well (what a shock!). On the other hand, our side puts up with too much and the opposition knows it. We’re far too peaceful-like a negligent parent. Christianity needs to get some teeth. Fast.Best thing in the world for bullies is a person who will fight back. They never expect it-slobs like this are counting on indifference. Let’s surprise them next time!



 This guy should be dragged by a truck till he’s dead we have to start standing up and make them notice that if they want to pray to Allah a satanic cult and all others go some where your not herd I’m getting sick over this shit these people make us all sick but they are mental cases they don’t belong in a govt. meeting just take them tom the wood shed then let them go to the Middle East and let’s watch how that works for them sorry to be so hatefull with these cult leaders but you tell me what they deserve NOTHING they will defently pay a big price they are worthless scum





This is what you get when you vote. What an arrogant bag of wind. Go away whoever you are. The bigger they are the harder they will fall. Your day is coming.




He needs some sense beaten into him before being put in federal prison for a few years. Freedom of speech is one thing but shouldn’t be abused by the likes of this idiot. If someone doesn’t like what this country was founded on, they should leave. I suggest Syria or Iran.





  They should have kicked him out of the council meeting instead walking out of it. Freedom of Speech does not mean that he can slander religious freedom nor does it mean that he can make a mockery out of religion.



 And may Preston Smith be plagued with the insects of a thousand years and lay before satan as one of his bed sores.



 The council meeting should have open with first: the pledge of Pledge of Allegiance including “under God”


Oh, you mean the phrase that was added into the pledge of allegiance in 1954 as a propaganda technique to fight the commies?



I think you get the idea.


The saddest part of all of this to me is, well aside from the people saying those things having no clue about what their religion is all about (which i will get to), is that the sites taht these  stories are posted on go by names like, “Eagle Rising,”  “Sons of Liberty,”  “Freedom Outpost.”



Oh my dear Lord save us from the hypocrisy of your followers.


You can’t remove free speech without removing it from yourself, as well.  Free speech is not just about you and your christian beliefs.  It is about EVERYTHING.  Nothing is “sacred” because no one believes the same way.


You might have similar stances or ideologies to someone else, but they are ALWAYS going to differ, even in the slightest.


Remove the ability for one to speak their mind, you remove the rights of all to speak their mind.   You become the tyrant that you claim “atheists” want to be.


It is hypocrisy at its finest, people.


As to the overall opinions I hold regarding the content of the “replies” to this “invocation”?

What wonderful examples of fine christian voices you people are.

Where, in the bible, in any of the teachings that Christ did, was him talking to someone like that?


Where, in any of the texts that have been handed down do you see Christ saying to the idolators and whores, “You should be dragged out of here by a bus”?


I believe it was John 8:7 that Jesus said, “May anyone speaking out against God be plagued with the insects of a thousand years and lay before Satan as one of his bed sores.”


Oh, shoot, sorry.  I got that quote slightly wrong.


It was “Let any one of you who is without sin throw the first stone!”


I always get the two phrasings mixed up.  They are just so darn similar!


Why could Jesus not talk clearer?



Seriously, people.  If your master would never do such a thing, why do you tnink you have the temerity to do it yourself?


If that was something that he would never do, and in fact, ALWAYS DID THE OPPOSITE, would you say that you are one of those people that HE HIMSELF said, 20“So then, you will know them by their fruits.

21“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.

22“Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’

23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’


You know, the only time Jesus ever got ticked off in the bible and went off on a Rambo was against moneychangers being in the temple, right?


He was mad about money being involved in the church.


And yet, what do we see, especially here in ameerica?


Money in the church, in every way that it can be.  It is ALL about cash to these people.


Take a look at some of the mega-churches out there.  Some of them have more cash inflow coming into them than small towns.


But, no, atheists, agnostics and just plain don’t care-ists are the real problem, right?



Those are the ones that you should be worried about, right?


Not the cancer eating your church from the inside out and rotting it through the core.

No.  Not that.  Ignore that stain.  It doesn’t matter.

As to the Invocation itself, you.. DO realize that it’s satire, right?

You DO realize that it was done as a joke, right?

The whole thing.  Every bit of it.  It was all done as a jab at people just like the repliers.  The people who get on their high horses and spew out their venom over every little thing they THINK is an offense.


If you took that speech that was given by that guy seriously, if you REALLY think that any sort of religious significance was attached to it, you really need to have your head examined.


It was OBVIOUS that it was a jab.


Ugh.  People.  Get a life and go to your church and figure out what it is that your master was really trying to teach you.


There’s a war on Christmas?


But, this time of year is the Christmas season, which is all about love, cheer, togetherness, and screaming that there is a war on Christmas.

Sorry, Christians, but no matter how much you might shout about it, there really is no “war on Christmas”.

You DO realize that you are not the only religion around, right?


Yeah.  In fact, you make up only about 1/3 of the religious population, worldwide.

Saying the words “Happy Holidays” is not a fight against Christmas.

It’s just acknowledging that there are a lot of beliefs out there, and a lot of people that feel differently than you do.


If you go out and petition against this type of acknowledgement, and you get angry and whiny and throw your little temper tantrums over it, you’re just being crass and rude.


Heck, people, the holiday isn’t even the Lord’s birthday.  It’s Sol Invictus, the “Holiday of the Unconquered Sun.”

Not son, as in my boy child, but sun, as in big yellow/white glowy thing during the daylight hours.

You are, in fact, defending a pagan holiday, co-opted by your religion.


And, by the way, that IS an undisputed historical fact, whether you like to get all apologetic about it or not.

Thanks for listening!  Please comment below!

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