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About Us

We at Open Eyes Network are dedicated to bringing you the best in entertainment, information and encouragement throughout all aspects of your life.

 We are Ira and Jolene, and you can see our mascot, Mike Towie, all over the web! He’s really happy to see you here, as are we!


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If you look around our site, you will see that we have multiple broadcasts available for your listening pleasure.  Each one is geared to suit your tastes.



Open Eyes Podcast

Open Eyes Podcast   :   Dedicated to the truth, in all of its forms, no matter where it may lead us.  We seek the truth in everything, from the normal to the paranormal, from UFO and alien conspiracies to the most heinous of government coverups.

We explore the depths of consciousness and reality and dig through the lies that we have all been told about what it means to be human.


Adventures In AutismCOMING SOON

Adventures In Autism   We explore our lives and the interesting experiences we have had with a child who is severely autistic.  We will bring you information on how to deal with certain aspects of autism that are unique and some of the ways we have found work for us, and may for you.

We welcome listener interaction, with your own personal stories shared on air, and your own information that you believe may help others.



Brothers at Arms : This show is co-hosted by Joe Long and Ira Robinson.  Both look at the world from different viewpoints.  Joe is very Conservative, while Ira is more centrist about most topics.  Together, they will explore what is going on in the world.  While they might sometimes argue and things get heated, they always walk away as Brothers.



The Positude Podcast is co-hosted by Ira Robinson and Maggie Heart.  This show is a shot in the arm to start your week in a positive way, covering great news stories, healthy living and laughter.  It airs on Sundays at 9PM EST.


Money and Change  :  This show is co-hosted by Ira Robinson and Stu Shear, and airs on Sundays at 8PM EST.  On this show, we cover the latest world-wide financial world and situation, and discuss what you need to know to make smart decisions bout your money.  You’ll get great information on investing, prepping, and much more.



Want to know more? Explore each of our broadcasts! You are sure to find something you like!


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