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OE 006 Energy Vampires and Little Friends

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Without realizing it, people are, daily, attacked by what you can term Energy Vampires.  No, they are not the vampires of the typical mythology.  They are, instead, people in your life that are literally draining you of your life energy – your life force.

Listen to this episode to find out how you can tell you are being attacked by one, and what you can do about it.
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Energy Vampires
What are they?

People who connect with people
They then will literally “drain” the life force from someone
You can tell when they are around and connected by how you feel around them
Drained, depressed, lack of creativity, anger

Do they do it on purpose?

Some do, some don’t realize they are doing it
Those that do it intentionally will do all they can to stay in your presence
They will be very possessive of you and your time, very jealous
They can also, though not always, be very touchy-feely
They will also very often be emotionless, almost to the point of being sociopathic in nature

Unintentional ones are often that way temporarily

Unlike those that do it intentionally, these types do it more out of a need to feed on the misery of others.  “Misery loves company”, indeed.
It’s also often the case that they are fulfilling a lack of energy that they, themselves, have, and are seeking it from you.
How to tell the difference?
If they are someone that you ALWAYS feel that way around, they are an intentional vampire

Little Friends

What are they?
Like energy vampires, they feed on emotions
However, these are more akin to animals or mosquitoes
They seem to exist in a “phase” that we don’t normally interact with

What are signs of them?
Pain in one area at regular intervals, whit no source for them
Emotional ups and downs with no psychological or physiological reason for them existing
Most often, they will elicit negative emotions, because those seem to be easier to trigger

How you can find them on you
Rub hands together vigorously
Hover the hands over the body, running it along everywhere that you can, about 2 inches away from the skin. Don’t make contact
You will feel a tingling or almost a static “jolt” of some kind.  If you move the hand away and back again, you will feel it again in the same spot

Grab them, it’s all about intention
If you got a hold on it, you will feel an almost “oily” or “greasy” feeling in your hand while you have them in the fist
Wash your hand under running water right away

If successful, you will notice a difference almost immediately


What do you think of all of this?  Comment below and let us know!

Thank you for listening!


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  2. I’m sorry if this posts several times as I’m not seeing the post…..???

    I enjoyed this episode immensely. Energy vampires are not just of myth and mystery as they once were. In fact, Psychology Today magazine did an
    article on the very subject calling them “Crazy Makers”
    As you can read in the article, it talks about how these types of people make you feel like your life force is being sucked from you. I find it
    interesting how medical science has now caught up with what many people have been talking underground about for decades – but, of course calling it
    by a differnt name. Wouldn’t want to give credit to the paranormal society.

    As far as the topic of little friends or leeches go, (I like to call one my ex husband, but that’s another subject). I’d like to play devils advocate
    here and say what if they are nothing more than the mighty power of suggestion? Chemical imbalances in the brain affect 1 in 4 people. These
    imbalances shift your emotions and cause you to feel off and feel emotions you wouldn’t normally feel and for no apparent reason. We have no
    practical medically scientific way to measure these imbalances. What if the little friends you are speaking of and have removed are simply the mighty
    power of suggestion? We know from history that suggestion from religion and politics can play a powerful role in emotion. If I was feeling a certian
    emotion and had the opportunity to have it removed by plucking from my skin, I would do it in a heatbeat! If I believed such things existed, it would
    work wonders on my psyche. At least for a temporary basis…until the dreaded chemical imbalance effect came to haunt again. In which case, would you
    just say the leech came back?

    • Thanks for your comment! That was a great one! 🙂

      (I have the comments set to be moderated, so that I don’t get spemmed by advertisers, so your comments didn’t show up right away for that reason)

      I’ve been seeing a lot of scientific studies coming about that are definitely hearkening back to the paranormal or parapsychological side of things. I think it is a good thing, since, as scientists of honesty, you can’t just “negate” everything. It all should be investigated.

      That article you linked was definitely interesting.

      As to your thoughts on the Little Friends, I definitely do not preclude that possibility. It very well could be the power of suggestion at work in it all. In my personal experience, there definitely seems to be “something there,” though it is intangible.

      Either way, it does work, at least for me and those that I have taught the method to, so, whatever ain’t broke, don’t fix, right? 😉

      Again, though, it’s a possibility. I have had a lot of experience with those with chemical imbalances, so I do know what the “feeling” is like from someone like that, and it does seem to be a different “feel” to it all, but, you never do know.

      Awesome comment! Thank you so much!

      Keep listening, and I will definitely read your comment on an episode and respond to it more fully there. Not sure when, but soon 🙂

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