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There are some serious disinformation “studies” being put out, directly tied to Big Tobacco, trying to dissuade people from using Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs, Personal Vaporizers, etc).  In this episode, we delve into some of the lies surrounding the whole issue, and how you can tell when someone is trying to pull their bias over your eyes.

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What are E-Cigarettes and Vaporizers?

They originally started out as replacements for cigarettes and normal tobacco products, with a nicotine delivery system set up without all of the dangerous chemicals.

They have quickly grown into serious smoking cessation tools and recreational devices.

They, in their most basic form, contain an atomizer that is heated up by a battery and which burns the fluid (or e-juice_) that is being held in the coil by a wick, usually cotton.

The juice, itself, only has propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine and flavoring.  There are, literally, thousands of flavors on the market today.

Why use them in place of tobacco?

Healthier, by far, than tobacco products in any of its forms.

It also, unlike tobacco, leaves no residue in the air, and, therefor, contributing virtually zero second-hand effects.

Tobacco is irradiated, as well as subjected to thousands of different chemical agents, which, when smoked, cause a lot of issues.  There is none of that with an e-cigarette.

My personal story


The Hit Pieces

There have been a number of “studies” released, with many of them being funded by “Big Tobacco,” because these e-cigs are costing them a LOT of money.

There is, quite literally, no reason to use a tobacco product with these around.

Most of these studies claim that there are dangerous chemicals in the e-cigarette products, and that it may just be safer to stick to tobacco products if you are going to smoke.

These are LIES.  The bias is obvious when you read the stories put out in the mainstream media.  There is no evidence that inhaling the vapor secondarily has any impact on the person.  After all, the contents of the vapor are, essentially, the same as what you inhale while at your average rock concert.   Yet, that is allegedly perfectly safe to be around all you want.

Follow the Money!

The most basic tenet of a good investigation is to ask: Que Bono? Who benefits?

The e-cig revolution has impacted the big tobacco companies in a big way, and they are desperately trying to come up with ways to discourage people from using them.

The problem is that, with the parrot society we live in, there are many on the militant anti-smoking bandwagon that squawk out the same information that the big tobacco companies want everyone to believe.

Do your own research into who benefits if the e-cig companies get shut down, or if they become taxed just like tobacco is taxed.  Currently, they are not, because THEY ARE NOT TOBACCO PRODUCTS! There is ZERO tobacco involved in them in any way.

What do YOU think? Do you use e-cigs, yourself? Are you looking for inf on my experiences with them?

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