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Open Eyes 019 Call Suicide Hotline, Get Killed By SWAT

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After a man called the Suicide Prevention Hotline, the SWAT team was sent to handle the situation.  Yet more proof that cops are seriously getting out of control!

We cover this incident, as well as talking about the proof that people that espouse conspiracy theories are actually saner than their counterparts.

We also explore how the media is nothing but a parrot talking head machine spewing out the same things, over and over.


The following are the show notes used in the recording of this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.




Today, in Roy, Utah, a 35 year old man was killed after calling the suicide prevention hotline looking for help.

Was this some kind of twist in reality, like calling suicide hotline and getting put on hold?

Nope.  Turns out, when he called the hotline, responders sent a SWAT team to the guy’s home.

A standoff ensued, and, seven hours later, SWAT helped ease the gentleman into that goodnight.

What happened during the incident isn’t clear, though we would probably have far more information if the cops were required to wear cameras. You can see my take on that in my episode Cops With Cameras.

Regardless, apparently the cops involved in the incident have been placed on Administrative leave pending an investigation.

Now, before i go any further with this, there IS one thing I would like to say on that topic.

I am fully of the belief that any cop involved in a death or shooting incident should not be placed on administrative leave alone. I believe they should not get paid while they are not working. See, that’s what administrative leave is: a vacation for shooting someone.

That doesn’t mean that I count them immediately guilty or anything of the sort. But if you’re not working, you don’t get paid. Simple as that. Especially when the payments are coming from the taxpayers.

Again, regardless, though the facts of this case have not become entirely clear at this point, the fact is there ARE a lot of cases out there that involve officers shooting someone, or killing someone for tazing them, or beating them to death. And in each of those cases, you always hear, “they are on administrative leave pending investigation.”

Well, whoop-dee-doo. Someone dies, they get a vacation!

The fact is, there ARE some cops out there that are good. Ones that would never draw their weapon unless it was a matter of life and death (and even sometimes not then). Those cops? They’re the good guys. The ones I remember hearing about in my youth. Those guys in blue that would be there for you no matter what.

But, nowadays? There are far more of the other type . You know, the ones that join just cause they get a chance to bash some heads and reap a little profit on the side?

I’ve known far too many of that type, and, unfortunately, the problem is just getting worse.

As I have said before, it’s a fact that the IQ and psychological requirements to become a police officer HAVE lessened over the years, and if you are a former military person, you are likely to be hired VERY quickly when you apply.

This has bred a very particular state of mental affairs in the police departments across America.  There are, frankly, more violent cops, cops that would have no issue pulling a gun and blasting someone away at the first sign of resistance. It has happened, too many times to count.

Do some research and you’ll see example after example of it.

Did this type of thing lead to this situation here? I can’t say for sure. Not enough information has come forth regarding it all.

But, I do think that those involved should have been put on unpaid leave of absence. It just makes sense. I think it should be that way each and every time.
Oh, and, by the way, I also feel that if someone is involved in a killing like this, they should not be able to receive money from people via Kickstarter campaigns, etc.

I know, I know, it’s hard to prevent that type of thing. But I feel that the fact that Darren Wilson, the cop involved in the death of Michaeel Brown in Ferguson, MO, got over 500,000 in funds from Kickstarter campaigns is obscene.

He killed someone. Whether he was justified in doing so has yet to be determined. But he should not be receiving cash like that while the investigation is pending. It’s just wrong.

Granted, that is my opinion, but it’s also my show. You can comment about it to me or ignore it. I will still have an opinion to spread.

Now, on to other nonsense.


Conspiracy Theorists Are More Sane


Conspiracy theorists are more sane than their counterparts.

That’s not my opinion, though I do tend to agree with the statement. It’s the result of a scientific study put forth by Michael Wood and Karen Douglas of the University of Kent in the UK.

In their study, they found that a majority of people that espouse conspiracy theories or support them tend to be less hostile and defensive than those that are anti-conspiracy theorist and follow the official stories of events.

Now, before you grouse at me that I am a conspiracy theorist, I want to make it clear here. I do not think of myself as a conspiracy theorist. I am a questioner. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and seeking the truth in answering those questions.

For anyone that does otherwise, I say to you, “Why would you do that?”

If you just blithely follow all of the official stories that are given to you, without question, you are, literally, the definition of a sheeple.  You follow your shepherd wherever he will lead you.

Asking questions is the first and foremost logical step to take regarding any situation.

Let’s put it this way.  If someone were to tell you, “Just jump off that cliff. You’ll be fine.” Would you do it without question? Or would you first ask, “why would I want to do that?”

Or, “What will happen to me if I do?”

Without asking those basic questions, you would blindly jump right off and fall to your doom.

The same thing happens with all of the official stories that are put out to us when an event occurs.

If you don’t think that the media is in bed with the corporations and governments, you are wrong.

Remember my episode where i discuss how pot was made illegal?

It was a total snow job by the media on behalf of a company that saw things cutting into their bottom line and wanted it changed.

And what happened? People blindly followed every word that was spewed out at them, lapping gratefully at their bitter milk.

So, no, I am not a conspiracy theorist, and I would beg to differ with anyone that claims I am.

However, I will say that I do have questions on things, and will seek out the answers. If that leads me to somewhere other than the official stories, then so be it. There’s nothing wrong with that. The truth can only do good in the end.

As a counter to the scientific study claiming that conspiracy theorists are more sane, the New York Times just published an article that lambasts anyone for having a “conspiracy theory” and claims that to talk about them erodes the public trust.

The article was done as a counter to the conspiracy theories surrounding the Ebola crisis (or, non-crisis. After all, Kim Kardashian has been married to more people at this point than have caught Ebola in America).

They claim that by claiming that there are conspiratorial things going on, perhaps on behalf of the government or other entities is a dangerous proposition.

It’s interesting that these kinds of hit pieces come out in the midst of these events, isn’t it?

It’s also my opinion, and just my opinion (though I am sure many others hold it as well) that the mainstream media has been fighting a losing battle with the alternative media, especially in regards to events like these.

I mean, the way the article in the NYT puts things, a conspiracy theorist is someone that doesn’t buy what the mainstream media is selling.

That sounds more like a whine fest on the part of the media than anything else.

In other words, you don’t believe the media, therefore you are nuts.

Yep, sounds about right. That’s what the Ministry of Truth tried to claim, too, wasn’t it?

And, here’s one last thing regarding all of this…

If the press were doing its job, by investigating the truth of things, by going out and doing the work and asking the questions that need to be asked, b y vetting the information they receive and put forward the truth of things, we wouldn’t need to have conspiracy theories.

They’d be handled before they even began.

But, no.  That is not the way it is. They are all parrots, squawking back at us whatever their little notes passed down from their producers (got to love that word. Producer. Are they producing the lies? lol).

Here’s a great example…

Conan O’Brien did a short spotlight on how the media repeats itself and does nothing new, other than what is given to them. Talking points, and that is all.

He put this together after he gave an announcement that he would be officiating a gay marriage on television.

Here’s what happened after that announcement.



Nothing new under the sun, folks. Just talking heads, trying to persuade you that the crap they are selling is the shiniest, les]ast smelliest, one on the market.

Gotta love it.

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