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Open Eyes 003 Emotional Addictions

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What is this episode about?

Ever notice how your life seems to be an endlessly repeating pattern of relationship after relationship being the exact same way? There’s a very good reason for that.  In this episode, we explore why it happens, and what you can do about it.  You can break free of your patterns!

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How we become addicted to emotions

We are the products of the patterns we have fallen into.

As we go through life, experiencing relationships and doing our daily things, we form patterns that can and do shape the future for us.

For example, a person in an abusive household is shaped by that trauma.

The same applies to relationships, such as a girl that broke your heart in a particularly devastating way.

Religious or spiritual experiences work the same way.

We can experience an endorphin release due to religious ecstasy in a moment of forgiveness or deep prayer or meditation.

This is such an emotionally significant event that we will do what we can to seek it out again.

Our relationships, especially in our formative years, cause us to adhere to patterns.



What does this have to do with emotional addiction?

We find ourselves repeating patterns.

We will put ourselves in situations that are essentially identical to those before.

When we do this, we are subconsciously seeking to fulfill that emotional need.

We look for people and situations that will allow us to go through the process we have been through before.

For example, we find a person, we get together, we experience all of the good feelings that come from it, then we will find a reason to start doubting, which leads to a wedge being placed between us, then go through the emotional torment of it all.  Then we feel the guilt.  Then we want to have a break in the relationship, which leads to all of the horrible things that come afterwards.

It will always follow the same basic pattern, over and over in every relationship you get into.

Heck, they may even look like the same people, same body types, same facial features, etc.

Through it all, we enact the same actions and entangle ourselves with the same emotional highs and lows that we had become addicted to.

But it doesn’t end there…

The people that we find ourselves with, that we are fulfilling our patterns with, ALSO have their OWN patterns.



We are all intimately connected together, always

Our minds commune in ways that science has not fully explained yet.

The subconscious minds of each of us “cahoot” together to make the situation we are in fit the patterns that we desire.

For example.. you are a girl together with a guy.  You are addicted to the feelings that happen to you after you have been cheated on.

You start accusing the man of cheating on you, though there is no evidence that anything like it has happened.   You start looking for that “cheater” in every thing he does.

After being accused of it over and over, he finally DOES cheat, and you go through the turmoil of the results of it.

The addiction has been fed.  You break up with that one, and move on to the next person in line, where the same pattern will occur.


The addictions can be to GOOD things as well

For example, you can be addicted to love, to family, to friends, and seek out new people to experience it with.

Unfortunately, most of the patterns fit into the negative, because negative emotional addiction is much easier to feed.  It is easier to find negatives than positives in the dark world we live in.


What can be done about all of it?

The first step is to realize that we WANT it to happen!

This is not our first time here, it wont be the last.  We set up ahead of time that these things would occur.

The choice is ours as to whether or not we want to be slaves to our addictions.

We are here to learn lessons.

When we do not learn the lesson we wanted to, the universe will give us another chance to learn it.  Each time, the lesson gets tougher and tougher.

If you truly want to break free of it, change how you act and react to relationships.  You might need to learn that being alone is the best thing for now.  The lesson may be that you need to learn to be self sufficient.  You don’t need to be with someone, but want to be.  There’s a difference.

If it is a family member…

You CAN walk away from family!


Thanks for listening!

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