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Open Eyes 004 Haunted Houses and Energy Vortexes

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What is this episode about?

Everyone has heard of haunted houses, but what are they, really? In this episode, we discuss the different types of hauntings, what can be done about them, and examine another option that they could be: energy vortexes.

The following are the show notes used to record this episode, here for your reference and convenience.  Listen to this episode by clicking the play button above.


What are Haunted Houses?

What do people normally think of when they think haunted house?

Spirit haunting
Demonic Haunting
Dumb ghost stories that no one thinks are real

What are they REALLY?

Could be actual spiritual beings trapped in a spot
Could be a wandering spirit that has “glommed” on
Could be a child or strong willed adult in house causing it
Poltergeist idea

But it COULD be an energy vortex

What is it?
How are they formed?
Great events of a positive nature can form positive vortexes
Great outbursts of negativity can make negative ones

What are some examples of them?
Woodstock, concentration camps

How can you tell the difference?
Replay = energy vortex
New things occurring = ghost/spirit/poltergeist

What can be done about them?

If positive, go with it.  It won’t bring you harm
If negative, be as positive in the area as you can be
This may not negate… sometimes vortex too strong
Leave, if this is the case.

How do you know someone is being impacted?

Watch for changes in attitude or behavior, this is a sure sign


Thanks for listening!

Do you agree with what we were saying? Leave a comment below to talk about your own experiences with haunted houses or energy vortexes.  We will be happy to share your stories in future episodes!


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