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Obama Just Enacted Slavery in the United States

      Obama Just Enacted Slavery in the United States When you are forced to work, against your will, with no compensation for the work you do, this is exactly what slavery is all about. We are very much in a tyrannical state of being in the United States,…

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Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups Deleted – Clinton-Backed SuperPAC to Blame

  While I am, as those of you that listen to me, not a supporter of Bernie Sanders (QUITE the opposite), one thing I am FOR is playing fairly, especially in the realm of politics.   I was VERY angry at the treatment of Donald Trump in Colorado (you can…

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Brothers at Arms 055 04-21-16 Check Your Privilege

Listen to this episode by clicking the Play Button above. You can also subscribe to us on iTunes. Click here to get to it! . Have you checked your privilege? You haven’t? Why not?? We “‪#‎CheckYourPrivilege‬” tonight. We also get controversial, talking about Israel and the insanity that goes on…

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