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Bernie Sanders Facebook Groups Deleted – Clinton-Backed SuperPAC to Blame



While I am, as those of you that listen to me, not a supporter of Bernie Sanders (QUITE the opposite), one thing I am FOR is playing fairly, especially in the realm of politics.


I was VERY angry at the treatment of Donald Trump in Colorado (you can listen to my speaking on the subject here), and, as I said in that audio, I would be upset at the “victory” being handed over without a fair fight, even if it were Bernie Sanders that was the victim of it.

True to my word, I am making sure that my listeners and readers see what has now happened to the ol’ Bern…


Yesterday, a large amount of “Unfair Play” was done on behalf of Hillary Clinton, in the destruction of the groups on Facebook that were established as support for Bernie Sanders.


Dozens of Facebook groups were removed from Facebook without a notice yesterday – some of these groups contained more than 50,000 members.

They weren’t small Facebook groups supporting Bernie that were deleted; some of the Sanders Facebook groups contained more than 50,000 members when they disappeared from Facebook. The supposed “synchronized attack” against Sanders Facebook groups seemed to happen when Bernie was speaking at a town hall meeting. The list of removed groups on Facebook included Bernie Sanders Activists, which is currently back on the site with more than 42,000 members.



There has been, as yet, no official announcement on behalf of Facebook regarding this issue, and there likely never will be.

It seems that a SuperPAC, backing Hillary Clinton, with millions of dollars of cash flow – some even from Hillary Clinton’s Foundation, itself – has  put together a highly organized and coordinated attack against these groups.

These same groups have admitted to causing issues similar to this in the past, and have laughed at their trolling efforts.

The group, called “Correcting the Record,” has admitted to spending vast amounts of money on their social media efforts to shut down organizations and groups that they do not like – apparently now that includes Bernie Sanders.


Again, although I am NOT a Bernie supporter, I believe in fair play.  Dirty pool tactics are a WELL KNOWN and established method that the Clintons have used throughout their political careers to make sure they are always coming out on top.



You can find out more information in the Inquisitr article here.


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