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Mandela Effect Explained? Planet X Nibiru Causing the Mandela Effect

      Can the Mandela Effect be explained by the presence of Planet X / Nibiru? Are the changes we are seeing in reality related to this incoming object from space? In this full 2 hour episode of The Final Countdown, Dr Jaysen Rand, Peter Kling, and Ira Robinson…

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Mandela Effect Explained? Alternative Realities Converging – Open Eyes Network News

    The Mandela Effect is a big topic, and there are many possible explanations for why and how it is happening. I do my best to give you one possible explanation, as I understand it, that has helped me to deal with the changes that are taking place. Whether…

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Ex Witch Says Occult is Everywhere and Satan is Inside of You – Demon Possession

    Ex Witch Says Occult is Everywhere and Satan is Inside of You – Open Eyes Network News A former witch has come out with claims that the occult is everywhere, and you are exposing yourself to demonic possession on a constant basis. In her claims, ex-witch Beth says…

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The Trouble with the Trouble in Syria – Open Eyes Network News

  I’ve been asked many times to give my thoughts on the issues happening in Syria, so I thought I would make this short video to describe what i see happening over there. It may be different than you would expect. Share on Tumblr

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