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CERN – Things We Are Con-CERN-ed About – Open Eyes 01-18-17

  IRA ROBINSON’S WRITING SITE CLICK HERE Listen to this episode by clicking the Play Button above. Open Eyes Network YouTube Channel You can also subscribe to us on iTunes. Click here to get to it!   There are many things going on at CERN that we really should be…

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Mandela Effect Explained? Planet X Nibiru Causing the Mandela Effect

      Can the Mandela Effect be explained by the presence of Planet X / Nibiru? Are the changes we are seeing in reality related to this incoming object from space? In this full 2 hour episode of The Final Countdown, Dr Jaysen Rand, Peter Kling, and Ira Robinson…

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Mandela Effect Example? “My Sister No Longer Exists”

    This is a very strange, very personal experience of someone that we believe CAN be attributed to the Mandela Effect, and we wanted to bring it to our viewers to see what their take on it is. A sister that existed… no longer exists. We know it is…

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Mandela Effect Example? “The Grave of My Sister”

    In a dramatic example of the Mandela Effect, a guest tells of an experience that she had with a sister that she never knew existed, until she visited her grave… and yet, this event is not in the memory of others… Watch the video to find out the…

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