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Open Eyes 023 Islamic Hatred and Learning Nothing

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A father loses his mind over Islam being taught in school, and the school lies about teaching Islam.

Hatred, bigotry, and ignorance are going to doom us all, if we don’t put a stop to all of these things RIGHT NOW.

We explore these things, and more, in this episode.



 Losing Ones’ Mind Over Islam

So, it seems that a father has lost his damn mind over Islam in Maryland.

The incident took place in Charles County, Maryland, at La Plata High School.

According to an article on Raw Story, here’s what happened.

A father, named Kevin Wood called the school and went into one heck of a tirade against the school ,the administration, the teachers and their first born children (lol) about the fact that the school was teaching Islam in their world history class.

“I told her straight up ‘you could take that Muslim-loving piece of paper and shove it up your white [expletive],” Wood said on Monday. “If [students] can’t practice Christianity in school, they should not be allowed to practice Islam in school.”

That was what he was quoted as saying to the principal the day he called them.

He apparently also threatened to disrupt classes if they continued to teach these things, as well as “bring a shit storm down upon them like they’d never seen.”

Now, let’s get a few facts out of the way here first.

Wood is a former marine, and, apparently a Christian.

According to his wife, in an interview, she said that the situation has “gotten totally blown out of proportion.”

Wood’s wife, Melissa, said the “problem” is that school officials have no idea “what he endured when he was over in Iraq.” She also revealed that “he lost friends, and he lost brothers and sisters to these people.”

All of this ranting against the school and its teaching practices has led to Wood getting a No Trespass warrant against him.

According to the school’s spokeswoman, Katie O’Malley-Simpson, the school is not teaching religion, it is teaching world history.

That was, apparently, what they say the assignment was all about. That it was covering the basic information of the events in the Middle East during the rise of Islam and how it has changed history for that area.

The 11th grade assignment was to, apparently, write a three page essay about the “five pillars” of Islam, along with Mecca and Mohammed.

Now, before I go on further, let me just say this.

Good job, Dad!

You just ostracized your daughter socially for life, and you did it without even thinking of her in that bigoted brain of yours.

Well done!

I mean, she still has to go there to that school, still has to face those kids every day, still has to deal with the teachers that are now going to treat her like dog crap because you couldn’t do things in the right way. Didn’t think about her at all, there, did you?

Nope. All about you.

I’ve dealt with that kind of person too many times before, folks. I know the mindset.

I will also say that I do not totally disagree with him,.

No, wait, I am not wrong in the head nor am i contradicting myself here.

Let me explain.

It’s not just him that is wrong here. The school is too.


The Father and The School Are Both Wrong


He is wrong for his methods, first of all. There is a system of governance in regards to situations like this. First step is to call the principal of the school and discuss the situation. If you can’t come to terms, call upon the next higher up, the school superintendent. If no terms met there, reach out to the school board.

If all of that fails, bring up a lawsuit so that things like this can get challenged in court and maybe change things for the better. Yeah?

As for the school?

He wasn’t wrong that the assignment was teaching the basics of the religion. There were questions on the assignment, like, “describe the 5 pillars of Islam”, “Describe Muhammed’s upbringing,” “How was Muhammed’s life changed?” and so on.

?What is the kaaba and what is it used for?”

These are not questions that answer what happened in the history of the world. They are answering what the religion is about. Thus, teaching the religion.

Not how the religion impacted the area. Sure, it might go into that, but if the same kind of questions were asked about a Christian perspective of things…

Things like, “What did Christ do?”  “What does the cross mean?” “Why was the resurrection important?”

Those are fundamental religious questions.

They are different than, say, “How did Christianity affect the Crusades?” Or, “How did the death of Christ impact the world of the time?”

You see, that is a big no-no when it comes to teaching classes in public school these days. And the liberal agenda has pushed that button way too many times to deny it.

On the same token, the conservatives have pushed THEIR Islam button way too many times to ignore as well.

You guys cannot have it both ways. You are both wrong in this matter.

As I hope you guys know about me by now, I have no beef with religion, per se. It’s useful and some people need religion to get by.

I understand that, and I do not take offense at that.

However, when someone uses religion as a way to spread hatred, bigotry, lies, chaos, those people I have to call out.

It’s that way in the case of this Marine. I do not care what he went through “over there”. I have lost friends, too. I have friends that went “over there” and lost friends and family, as well.

You are not alone in that. And I feel for you with it.

However, to let those experiences turn to bigotry and hatred demeans everything that you supposedly went there to fight against.


We All Have Freedoms


You see, we ALL, in this country, have religious freedom. We ALL have the right to be whatever religion, or non-religion, we wish to be.

The fact that you take on that much hatred, that much vitriol, that you are destroying your daughters life because of it just reeks, man.

Just reeks.

It’s the stink of hypocrisy.

Now, yes, the history of Islam most certainly SHOULD be taught in schools. Ther’s quiite a few good reasons for it, actually.

You see, a lot of conflict is going on in the world about Islam. It’s a major focal point for a lot of warring, yeah? It’s good to have people know the history of it. To know how things originated and how they have impacted that whole area, along with the rest of the world.

It’s not any different than Christianity, though. If you’re going to teach one, you gottta teach them all. They are all impacting the world somehow.

Be honest… do you really think kids shouldn’t understand why things aren’t the way they are just because it mentions the dreadful ‘I’ word? Come on.

And don’t give us all the ‘they don’t teach about Christian history‘ nonsense either because Western schools teach predominantly Western history – and that, quite literally, is the history of Christianity.


Social Media Explosion


I have seen people talking about this situation on different social media. There are a lot of people saying, “Oh! I am on the side of this good Christian fellow!” Or “Screw Islam, bunch of blah blahs”

Everyone saying that they should not be teaching the history of Islam to begin with ! this is America! Why is this being taught in the school at all?

If wee deny our children the knowledge of things that have come before them, how can they, in turn, have any understanding of where they come from, what they stand for, or how to even avoid the future things to come without them turning out horribly by repeating the past!

Remember, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it!


What Do You Want For Our Children?


Do you really want that for your children? Or are you only interested in indoctrinating yet another good little minion into the folds of your religious intolerance and bigotry?

Are you breeding yet more people for the army of the dark masters, thrown into the meat grinder, and fed back to us as yet more fodder for yet more hatred for yet more war?

Foolish idiotic people, what are you doing to us?

You are raising up generations that are doomed to repeat the same miserable lifetimes that you have endured! You learn NOTHING from your history. You learn NOTHING from what has come before.

You learn NOTHING of what it is really meant to be human! You have learned NOTHING from your masters that you supposedly follow, teaching you that truth and light are all that matters. That love is all that matters.

No, you bring us one step closer to the damnation of us all.

Oh the dark masters, the Priests of Chaos and Blight, how they LOVE to have this stuff going on. How they LOVE to see us divided. The more they divide us,t eh MORE THEY WIN. The LESS we see of them and their dark energies, sucking the very life essences out of the people.

No, you stay divided! Have some more hatred! Have some more war!

We’ll fake this attack over here, look! Look at it! Look at what “those people” did! Look at it, and get angry! Get violent!

Get your attention off of us and place it on those that we have told you to hate.


You are all FOOLS!

There are no “sides”. There is only us. Only we humans, floating on this little rock in the depths of the deep dark void. We say we are listening for the voice of god, but we are too busy screaming hatred and vitriol at each other to hear it.

Then we wonder why things are such a mess.


Do you not see how they play us? Do you not see how you, right now, are being used, if you have ANY resentment, ANY hatred in you>?

Do you not see?

LOVE each other. You cannot beat an energy with the same energy!

Those people HATE us. LOVE them. Don’t hate them back! That only feeds the darkness, only feeds that same hatred. It turns into a bomb that will destroy us all!


Love Your Enemies


LOVE thy enemies!

What do you think Christ meant by that?

He knew, he understood, that you cannot win by hitting an enemy with the same force, the same energy, and expect to get anywhere. They hate you? LOVE THEM!

You fools.

You learn nothing.

Keep drinking your beers, watching your sports and ignoring what is real.

Keep doing what you are ding. Everything is running right along smoothly, alright.

Smoothly into the meat grinder.

Your children are doomed, if you do not end this nightmare now.

Teach them to love. Stop teaching them that just because someone is different or thinks different or acts different that they are, in reality ANY DIFFERENT. Teach them that we are ALL human, no matter where we came from, or no matter what they have as their ideology.

We are all human.

And we will all either stand together or fall together. It’s that simple.



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