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Home School Parents Tasered, Pepper Sprayed, Children Taken Because of Nosy Neighbor



This is yet another case of senseless police brutality, with no actions warranting such action, and no legal standing on their part to do so – or to even be there.


When the allegations made by social workers and the officers against the couple reached court, a judge summarily tossed the case. — “The court will not allow [an] exception to sanction warrantless entry into a private residence by pepper spray and Taser. If the officer had a warrant in hand and such force was necessary, that is a different story, but those are not the facts of this case,” the judge said, further ruling that all information gathered by the sheriff and his officer be inadmissible.




As reported by WorldNetDaily, a court has already ruled that the actions of Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White, and one of his officers, Capt. David Glidden, were in violation of the U.S. Constitution – a ruling that resulted in the dismissal of charges of resisting arrest and child endangerment by the parents, Jason and Laura Hagan of New Hampton.

The Home School Legal Defense Association(HSLDA) brought the suit on behalf of the parents, and it seeks compensatory and punitive damages, as well as attorney’s costs and fees. HSLDA is the nation’s leading home schooling legal advocate.





Home schooling parents tasered, pepper-sprayed, children taken because of a neighbor complaint about a “messy home”



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