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Scientists: Earth is Actually 2 Planets

Early Earth


Scientists have now come to the conclusion that the early Earth mixed with another baby planet, called Theia, 4.5 billion years ago, based upon oxygen isotope evidence resultant from examining moon rocks.


I remember reading the writings of Zecharia Sitchen, with the stories from Sumeria speaking about a cosmic collision happening at the beginning of creation, leading to the formation of the Earth and the history that has taken place since.







Initially it was believed that the Moon was created when a smaller planet called Theia grazed the Earth and broke up, sending a smaller chunk into space where it was caught in Earth’s gravity.

But if that was the case the Moon would have a different chemical composition to the Earth, because it would be made up, predominantly, of Theia.

“Theia probably would have become a planet if the crash had not occurred” – Prof Edward Young, University of California

However, after studying Moon rocks brought back by astronauts on the Apollo missions, scientists at the University of California have found that their oxygen isotopes are the same as on Earth.

It means that the collision between Theia and the early Earth was so violent that the two planets effectively melded together to form a new planet, a chunk of which was knocked off to form the Moon.







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