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CDC Licence SECRETLY Revoked – STOP Giving Your Information Online! – You ARE A Terrorist- Open Eyes 200 05-11-16

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STOP Giving Your Information Online! Empty Soulless People – You ARE A Terrorist – Open Eyes 05-11-16
Whether you realize it or not, you are literally giving away your information to anyone that wants to find it, easily, and without a care in the world.

This information is being used against you every day. We tell you how.

The CDC has had its licence REVOKED secretly, because of their failure at handling BIOTERROR PATHOGENS.

We are surrounded by empty soulless people, and they are contributing tho the horror show we are finding ourselves in in this world.

Also, you are a terrorist. Don’t believe us? Tune in and find out why I know you are.

These things and much more are in store for you on this LIVE episode of Open Eyes!

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