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Open Eyes 050 Changes To Open Eyes

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Changes are coming to Open Eyes, as of 12-29-14.

We are joining the Late Night In The Midlands radio network!

Here are the changes, which will basically be as of the time of this broadcast.

Open Eyes will be broadcast on Late Night In The Midlands, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7PM – 9PM.

After the live broadcast, it will be also broadcast through our network here.  If you are used to listening to the show through the website, iTunes, or another podcast downloading source, you will only see changes to the length of the show and the days that you receive it.

However, at LNM, there is a chat room available to join in and talk on while the show is broadcast, and I highly encourage you to come and join in! It is always an interesting time there.


After Open Eyes, stick around and listen to Late Night In The Midlands, which is on from 9PM – 12Am Monday through Friday, with host Michael Vara.


Thanks for sticking with us through these exciting changes; it will only benefit the show and encourage greater feedback and greater depth of topics, as well as the chance for more guests to join in with us.


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