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Open Eyes 030 Assisted Suicide – Personal Thoughts

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In our previous episode, we discussed Assisted Suicide and some of the debates on both sides of the issue.

This episode is an extension of that one, with my personal thoughts expanded upon, as I try to shed some light on this very hotly debated topic.



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Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm. But the harm does not interest them. -T. S. Eliot

In a previous episode, I had Joe Long on as a guest, talking about assisted suicide and some of the issues associated with it. You can find that episode (here).

I would recommend listening to that episode before this one, but, if you want to pass on it, I will give some of the salient points we discussed here, quickly, for your reference.

On November 1, 2014, a young woman named Brittany Maynard committed suicide, using pills that she got, for that putrpose, from her doctor.

She lived in Oregon with her husband and other family members.

In January of this year, she was diagnosed with terminal,inoperative brain cancer and knew that she was going to die within a matter of months.

So, she decided to take her own life on November 1, rather than face an excruciating death that was soon to come.

Oregon has laws on the books allowing for physician assisted suicides, and this matter has been brought to the forefront and hotly debated between pro life people and pro choice people.

I gave some of my personal thoughts in that episode, but I thought I would give some expanded ideas in this episode, so that people can have a little bit mmore information on the subject. It really is a big topic , and it will soon be coming to your state, if it is nt already there.


1st topic : I support the idea. Here’s why…

2nd topic : Personal Experiences… Jolene’s experiences…

3rd topic : Vatican says suicide is “wicked”

We do not judge the individuals but the act itself is to be condemned,” said Ignacio Carrasco de Paula, the bishop who heads the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life.

“But this is where the error lies: to commit suicide is not a good thing, it is a wicked thing because it is saying no both to one’s own life and to everything which signifies respect for our mission in this world and towards those closest to us.”

But it’s OK for the Vatican to kill when they feel the need to because they have the authority from God?

If a human was alone in the woods and became so old they couldn’t care for themselves anymore, should that be the end of the road or were nursing homes and assisted livings centers only born out of what’s considered humane and moral? And if the person realized the beginning of their own death, should they be allowed to peacefully die by their own hand while they have the strength?

It’s only selfish to die knowing you didn’t do everything in your power to survive. Suffering is suffering. Falling asleep doesn’t bring relief and there is nothing worth waking up to besides living another day in agony. It’s a tough choice, that’s for sure.

But these are the same people that think that suffering is the closest thing to God. That we get closer to God through suffering.

In other words, suffer, so that you can find yoruself calling out to God to relieve your suffering.

Maybe, though, that’s the explanation for why so many Catholic priests are pedophiles. Maybe they are just doing God’s work and causing suffering in people, especially young boys, so that they will, later in life, find suffering in their lives because of it, and, therefore, get closer to God by calling out for help.

It’s a disgusting stance, and it’s obvious.

Maybe suicide was originally taught to be sinful, because it kept the masses from escaping their slavery and servitude by seeking death. They feared that no one would be left to work for them and take care of their lavish needs.

I mean, seriously, the same people calling a suicide for relief from anguish wicked are the SAME people that protect, BY THEIR INTERNAL LAWS, those that commit pedophilic acts are protected and sequestered away.

4th Topic : Living Wills.

The difference is that it is suicide by inaction instead of suicide by action.

5th topic : It is a matter of empathy for those suffering.


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