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Guest James Crawford – A Shattered Dream – The Cop Who Never Was – Brothers at Arms 03-16-17


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Brothers at Arms is joined by a guest, James Crawford.

Ex-Detroit police lieutenant, James E. Crawford, has written a gut-wrenching, pull-no-punches novel that blows wide open the ways in which high crime is carried out in the highest of offices. In A Shattered Dream: the Cop Who Never was, Crawford details how during his tenure a new Affirmative Action promotion policy, by Detroit’s first black mayor, turned the department upside down and bitterly divided its fifty –four hundred members along racial lines, at all ranks. Crawford also opens the door for a realistic look at what is going on today, all across America, specifically the shooting of unarmed black men by white police officers, exposing the reasons those officers are literally getting away with murder.

Written in candid detail, A Shattered Dream encompasses every area of Lieutenant Crawford’s personal and professional life. Receiving his first badge as an idealistic ten year-old, who envisioned himself as one day becoming a policeman capable of changing a cruel world, the story takes its readers from that day to Crawford’s final days in uniform, when he turns in his last badge as a frustrated forty-five year-old who saw wrong and tried to correct it, yet ended up the target of death threats by fellow officers that became two actual attempts on his life.

A Shattered Dream spares no detail in exposing a major police department involved at the highest level in protecting their own through every illegal channel imaginable, in an effort to avoid criminal prosecution. Crawford’s brutally honest accounts of incidents reveals never before disclosed means used by those the public regards as its chief protectors as being no more than criminal minds who blatantly disregard department rules and regulations without fear of reprisal.

Tune in, folks, it’s one you will NOT want to miss!



James Crawford Book: https://www.amazon.com/Shattered-Dream-James-E-Crawford/dp/1542368286


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