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Debby Schwartz – Surviving Abuse Behind Closed Doors – Special Round Table – Brothers at Arms 06-30-16

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This is a special round table discussion with Ira Robinson, Joe Long, Debby Schwartz, Ryan Gable and Katie Neely.

The topic is difficult and hard to hear, but it is also ESSENTIAL to speak about this issue.

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A Brothers At Arms first…… Very Special Guest Actor, Director, Acting Coach and Debut Author Debby Schwartz will join Brothers At Arms Hosts Ira Robinson and Joe Long, along with co-guests Katie Neely and Ryan Gable.

She will be speaking about her new book “Surviving Abuse Behind Closed Doors” and sharing her personal journey into finding out what living as a child of child abuse was really like growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, and how there weren’t any real agencies that would or could help those suffering.

Listen as she retells her story of survival….Debby recounts a horribly incredible, vivid, true story that brings you up close and personal with the turmoil and pain of being a victim of Child Abuse, and the ongoing struggles to deal with the psychological effects of coming to terms with it.

Hear real talk from real survival victims of Abuse on the Brothers At Arms- Round Table, who have been through similar ordeals and how society has changed in the awareness and prevention of Child Abuse/Domestic Violence…. How far have we really come?


Debby Schwartz: Surviving Abuse Behind Closed Doors BUY NOW on Amazon


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