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Adventures in Autism 010 07-20-15 Back To School Time

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The time is swiftly coming to go Back to School, and we cover the topic in this episode. What are some of the things you should look for )and look OUT for) when it comes to back to school time and an autistic child?

How can you make the transition easier and less stressful all the way around?

Listen to this episode and find out some tips and tricks that we have found work (and DON’T work) with our own severely autistic child.




Adventures in Autism is a show about our experiences with our son, Seth, diagnosed with Severe Autism at the age of 3. It has been a difficult journey, but an adventure nonetheless.

Each week, we will bring you a different topic and how it relates to a child with autism. Topics will include things like siblings, favorite foods, toys that work (and ones that don’t!), schooling, emotions and more.

The show will air on Mondays and Fridays at 12:00 PM and 12:00 AM EST.

IF you have a story of your own relating to autism, please contact us and come be a part of the show.


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Whether you home school or not, preparing your autistic child for school time again should happen at least a month beforehand.

Constant reminders of the upcoming first day of school date will help to insure they do not forget that it is coming, and helps them to mentally prepare for it to happen.

if they will be riding a us, make sure they know when they will need to be ready.

if thy will be driven to school, make sue they know when they need to be ready by

If you are able to, let them pick out as much of the supplies to their liking.

If they have difficulty holding writing utensils correctly, there are tripod pencils, crayons, and a rubber that wraps around pencils and pens that can help correct hand placement.

Have most of the supplies ready more than a week ahead of time so t does not overwhelm them.

Let them pick out the backpack, or reuse a past years backpack if it is still sturdy. As soon as you have the necessary items, fill up their backpack. It will help put into their minds that school is fast approaching.

If it is their first year of school, make sure to talk to them about it weeks beforehand. Make sure to answer any questions they have. If they are non verbal, play pretend school with them so that when they are in that environment, it is not so much of a shock. Do not get discouraged!

dress code… if your school area has a dress code, explain this to them if it is their first time doing it.. otherwise, if there is no dress code, be open to letting them dress themselves (or at least pick out the clothing) even if it doesn’t match…

before the first day of school, have prepared what their first school lunch will be.. if they eat school lunch, then keep it at that.. otherwise, if they are bringing their own lunch, plan ahead of time what the meal will be, so that it will be one less stressful thing on the first day back to school

if your child will be bringing a lunch to school, have a lunch box/bag ready.. let them choose what they want, and encourage them to decorate it to their liking. If they are bringing a lunch their first day, a special little note or picture can help brighten their day.


If you home school, do not be afraid of asking them their opinions on the next school year.

Timing.. some need a set schedule.. others do not.. asking their opinion of times can help alleviate tensions

subjects… do what is required in your area, but also open the possibility for them to learn other things

school days… tell them when they start, and when the planned end date will be (or you can wait, if the change of dates will upset them)..


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