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The Same Girl in Multiple Disasters?

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Take a careful look at that picture above.


If she looks familiar, there is a reason.


She has, somehow, now been photographed at multiple disasters over a stretch of time.


It started at the Aurora shootings, where she was photographed leaving the theater.


And there she was again at the SAndy Hook shootings.


And the Boston Marathon bombings.


And then again at the Oregon school shooting.


And, lo and behold, now she has been photographed leaving the Paris massacre area.


Now, either she is a crisis actor or a very unlucky person to have been caught in all of these major disaster and horrific tragedies.


If she IS a crisis actor (or something similar), this brings up some very terrible and hard to think about problems.


The biggest one of which is, “They had to have known the event was to occur.”


She had to have been brought to all of these locations, ahead of time, to be filmed SO CLOSELY to the time that the event occurred.


And that includes all the way to Paris, France, with the massacre that occurred on November 13, 2015.


They had to fly her all the way to Paris to be filmed so closely to the event occurring.


Which means they either KNEW it was to happen and are exploiting it, OR, they are directly responsible FOR it.


THEY KNEW AHEAD OF TIME that it would occur.  At the VERY LEAST there is that aspect to it.


Let me be clear here, as much as I can be…


I am, in no way, saying that no one died in these events.  NEVER have I claimed that.


That does NOT mean that these events were not planned out and, at the very least, ALLOWED to happen to fulfill whatever agenda those in power have in their minds.


They are leading this world down the path to war, and, have no doubt about it, there is always a profit margin involved in war.


Foment war, and you can profit from both sides, through weapons sales, medical supplies, aid and all manner of sundry things.


The drums are beating.  Can you hear them yet?


Wake up to the reality around you, and realize that the reality you see is the reality that THEY have created for you to see.


You want to “stand with France”? Fine, I stand by France as well.  But I stand by France by making sure that the people responsible, no matter who they are or where it leads to, are the ones that pay the price.


Enough of the innocent lives being destroyed for the sake of a dollar.


Take a REAL stand for the truth.






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