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Teen Student Forced On Her Knees






Like a growing number of teens across the country, Amanda Durbin, a 17-year-old senior at Edmonson County High School in Kentucky, decided to protest her school’s sexist dress code. Instead of receiving a warning, detention or even suspension, as others have before her, the teen was forced to get on her knees before her principal.


One issue with this story is that this has been a common practice for a long time in schools.  I remember many of us kids having to go through similar things to ensure we were adhering to the strict dress codes in the private schools i attended.


So, for the first part of the story, it’s essentially a non-story.


However, as you can read in the story linked here, the student was forced to undergo it multiple times, and even told to, basically, traipse around the room so that she could endure a little more humiliation.


I can understand the protests with this one.

It is pretty obvious to me that this event happened because she was involved in a protest, and the administration wanted to make an example of her.


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