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Seth is our son. He was born a normal child; healthy, happy, and full of life!

seth babyHe was so happy, and loved to be a joker, and make people laugh and smile.

seth chairThen, right after he had his MMR vaccine, he became very ill. Afterwards, he lost everything. Speech, potty training, everything was lost. It was the hardest thing to go through, to see our son go through this and have no clue as to why or how it was happening.

Seth still smiled, and still tried to be silly, but he was unable to communicate. He had meltdowns often, spinning in circles, shaking himself, and even looking dazed and unfocused.

DCP_6306DCP_6248At first, grunts were the only way he communicated. “Mmm” would mean ‘more’, ‘milk’, and plenty of other words for example. Then, he relearned simple words, such as ‘more’, which would usually mean a plethora of words. He was at this stage of communication for quite a while, all of which took place shortly before, and after Crystal’s birth.


It wasn’t until his younger sister, Crystal, began to learn to speak that his vocabulary expanded and improved.

~*~*~*~ Videos ~*~*~*~

As you watch these videos, you will see firsthand how Seth’s grammar has changed throughout the years. You will also note, that whenever he is speaking, he always talks as if he was on a preschool show (or acts like a youtuber in the videos with him older), and referring to an audience instead of just whomever is recording him. He has always been this way when it comes to being recorded. As we have mentioned on our show, Adventures in Autism, we even bought him a webcam to allow him to record himself and act out in this way. Doing this has helped him speak at a more neutral pace (instead of a slow, sluggish pace), as well as helped eradicate his stuttering. He only really stutters now when he is really excited or nervous.



Below is a video of Seth and Crystal when they were younger. Seth was about 8 in this video, while Crystal was about 6. I have what they are saying subtitled, so that you can understand clearly what they are saying. When watching, you can see that, although Crystal is younger than Seth by almost 3 years, her grammar is better than Seth’s.

Click on the play button, the video will load and play.



As Seth got older, his grammar improved, but he started to have a stuttering problem.

Below is a video Seth made. I don’t normally let him use the video camera unsupervised because he hates to wear the neck strap, and I do not want him to use the camera without it. We were moving into our new home, which Seth was so excited about, and wanted to make a video tour of it. He agreed to wear the neck strap, so I let him use the camera. Here you can see ‘raw’ Seth, which will give you a good idea on how he talks and thinks. He is 11 in this video, and you will see a small bit of Crystal, whom is 9 in this video.

Click on the play button, the video will load and play.


Below is a video of Seth playing with Crystal in a game he called ‘Nerf Wars’, which was nothing more than tag with Nerf guns and cops and robbers mixed together. This video took place a few months after the previous video, after Seth’s birthday. In this video, Seth is 12, and Crystal is still 9.

Click on the play button, the video will load and play.


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