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Open Eyes LIVE Simulcast 7PM EST Wednesday – Natural Cures, Political Pandering, and MORE

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Open Eyes is LIVE at 7PM EST Wednesday Night!

This will be simulcast on YouTube as well, so you can now listen or WATCH us as we do the show!

On tap for tonight:

People are addicted to Big Pharma, even though they are, admittedly, killing us.

We clear the air a little bit and discuss natural cures and remedies, as well as some ideas that might just help you in the long run.

There has also been a LOT of political pandering going on, and we’ll get into that, as well.

This, and MORE, on tonight’s Open Eyes!


VIDEO FEED: http://www.youtube.com/c/OpenEyesNetwork/live

LNM Radio Network: lnmradionetwork.com
Open Eyes Network: openeyesnetwork.com

Tune-In : bit.ly/1I7EJZH
iTunes : bit.ly/1Gs6Ntl

ALL of these places have the live stream playing 24/7. Come on in and join us!

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