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Mind, Time and Power – GUEST: Anthony Hamilton – Open Eyes 09-08-17



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Anthony Hamilton is a former professor of communication at Capilano University in North Vancouver, Canada. He is the best-selling co-author (with Brian Tracy) of “Cracking the Success Code” and the creator of the “Inner Game of Success”, a training program used by some of the most successful companies in Canada and the US. He was recently recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts for his excellence in writing and teaching.

At the age of ten he had what is normally called a “precognitive dream” in which he saw his future in advance. He then spent twenty years researching this experience to discover how it could be possible to experience what is supposed to be impossible. Eventually he formulated his theory of consciousness, which explains that everyone has this ability by few actually develop it to any degree.

The key is remarkably simple: decide on the future you want to live and learn to focus on it intently until it tells you what to do to experience this chosen future. Those who do this automatically become successful in all areas of life. This aspect of “future memory” has recently been discovered by scientists, using an MRI which enables them to see into the brain as we are thinking. Anthony is a well known international speaker and a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer.

Anthony will be our guest tonight to talk about his work and his book, “Mind, Time and Power”.

Tune in, folks! It’s one you will not want to miss!

Anthony’s Website: http://www.mindtimeandpower.com/


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