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Open Eyes 165 01-20-16 Paranormal Lives Matter

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It’s a paranormal type of show, as we discuss ghosts, spirits, hauntings and more.

We’ll discuss personal encounters with the dead and not-so-dead, as well as a vision of the end.

It’s a show you won’t want to miss!



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After the New York State Court of Appeals on January 14 rejected an appeal made by Cynthia and Robert Gifford (shown), owners of a farm and wedding venue who had been charged by the New York State Human Rights Division with illegal discrimination for refusing to host the wedding of a same-sex couple, an attorney for the farm’s owners said they are considering another appeal. They were fined a total of $13,000.

The Giffords, the owners of Liberty Ridge Farm in Schaghticoke (“skat-i-coke”), New York, have operated a successful business on their property for several years, renting out their spacious barn for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other events. In 2012, when Melissa and Jennifer McCarthy approached the Giffords to rent Liberty Ridge Farm for their same-sex “wedding,” the Giffords told them “we do not hold same-sex marriages here at the farm.”

Rival factions yelling at one another amid angry pushing. Tirades about condoms, and claims of misinformation. A parent declaring that children are being force-fed course material “straight from the pits of hell.”

Such has been the tenor of recent school board meetings in Omaha as board members contemplate the first update in three decades of the school district’s sex education curriculum.



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