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Open Eyes 146 10-21-15 NDEs and Reincarnations Continued

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It’s a LIVE show with Jolene Robinson returning as a guest to continue discussions on Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and reincarnation.

If you missed the first part of the discussion, you can find it in our archives at openeyesnetwork.com/oe145



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A dad in Palm Coast, Florida, was flabbergasted when he met his daughter at the bus stop, only to find that after she’d had an accident that day, the school sent her home wearing nothing but underpants and a T-shirt.





An asteroid that was only just discovered on Oct. 10 is set to whiz past Earth on Halloween, marking the closest encounter our planet has had with one of the massive speeding rocks since 2006, according to NASA.








Carbon nanotubes have turned up in the lungs of children living in Paris – the first time they have been detected in humans.

Incredibly strong, light and conductive, nanotubes have shown great potential in areas such as computing, clothing and healthcare technology. Nevertheless, there has been some concern over their use after mouse studies showed that injected nanotubes can cause immune reactions similar to those produced by asbestos.











Retirees, adjust your budget: Double-digit price hikes for Medicare Part B premiums are coming next year.



The actual rates for Part B (which covers the costs of doctor visits and outpatient care) will be announced in October and take effect Jan. 1. The boost may be 15% for all participants or a whopping 52% for some, depending on whether Social Security







NDE Website: www.iands.org


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