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Open Eyes 140 09-16-15 The Customer is NOT Always Right

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On this episode, we discuss how and why the customer is NOT always right, despite what most corporate entities try to get their workers to believe.

This will be a LIVE round table episode, and we will be taking your calls, talking about your worst retail, fast food, or other customer service nightmare stories!



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Easy on that launch button, Dr. Strangelove.

Hours after Tesla and SpaceX CEO and potential supervillain Elon Musk told Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” on Wednesday night that humans could try nuking Mars to make it more earthlike – a glib and apparently off-the-cuff remark that blew up Twitter – climate scientists and geophysicists chimed in to put a halt to the launch party.



An Ohio church has sued a strip club and its scantily clad staff for protesting topless outside the house of worship during the past five years.

New Beginnings Ministries in Warsaw alleges that the protesters have been threatening church members, blocking church entrances and exits and violating their right to religious freedom and the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, according to the federal lawsuit filed last Friday by the church’s pastor, William Dunfee.

















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