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Open Eyes 097 04-22-15 Patriotism, Nationalism, Racism

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In this episode, we explore all of the “Isms” out there. Patriotism, nationalism, racism and other mind-sets are doing a lot of damage, and we tell you why. Be sure to tune in, it’s definitely one you won’t want to miss!

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Facebook announced its plan to alter users’ news feeds yet again Tuesday in a move that will allegedly provide “the right mix of updates” from friends and news pages.

In a post entitled, “News Feed FYI: Balancing Content from Friends and Pages,” Facebook Product Manager Max Eulenstein and User Experience Researcher Lauren Scissors lay out how “media content” will be altered under the site’s newest algorithm.

“Media content is a key part of the experience for people on Facebook and we’re committed to helping publishers find the right audience for their content,” the article states. “The goal of News Feed is to show you the content that matters to you.”

Instead of allowing users to view all requested content, Facebook has long limited personal news feeds, a move the social media-giant calls an improvement and continual balancing act.

“As more people and pages are sharing more content, we need to keep improving News Feed to get this balance right,” the authors write.

A mere footnote at the end of the article also admits that the new change could negatively affect a page’s reach.
In an UNLAWFUL ACT with incredibly huge implications, one of America’s largest banks, JP Morgan/CHASE has adopted a new policy which FORBIDS PAYING CASH as payment of credit card, mortgage and other debts! Quite simply, this policy appears to violate the Uniform Commercial Code which holds that if a person attempts to use legal tender in payment of a debt, and the legal tender is refused, the debt is “discharged.” (See UCC § 3-603 (b))

Even more unusual, the same bank sent an Amendment to Lease Terms letter to all their customers with Safety Deposit Boxes, instructing them that it is no longer permissible for customers to store CASH OR COINS in safety deposit boxes unless they are “Collectibles.”

The fact that one of the largest banks in America is now refusing to accept American DOLLARS as payment of debts is extraordinary! It signals that the banks see our currency as becoming worthless!

Seventeen-year-old Emily Reay is seeing red after she says that her school announced that she isn’t welcome back until she dyes her flame-colored hair a more “natural” hue.

“I was very angry at first,” the naturally auburn-haired student, enrolled at Trinity School in Cumbria, England, tells the UK Telegraph. “And then [I] burst into tears. I’ve had the same color for the past three years, and nobody at school has commented on it.“ (Reay didn’t immediately respond to Yahoo Parenting’s request for comment).
 Reay, who lives in Carlisle, was given the news after her Easter vacation on April 13. “I was told my hair had been a bone of contention since the beginning of the school year, but they had let it slip up until now,” she says. “But the laughable thing is my hair was brighter than this on prom night, and I won best hairstyle award.”

Her parents, Julie and Andy Reay, say they visited the school to talk with Emily’s teachers and were told their daughter had to change or tone down the shade by Monday or she’d be banned from the building. “The school’s uniform policy clearly states no unnatural hair colors, like blue or green,” Julie says. “Is ginger not a natural hair color?”

Not, apparently, in such a radiant shade as Reay’s. “Trinity School…students are role models for the rest of the school,” Reay’s head teacher, Andrew Winter, writes in a statement to The Telegraph. “We have a policy of maintaining high standards…Students are issued with information about what is acceptable or unacceptable at the start of the academic year. The vast majority of parents are very keen on our high standards.”

This shocking ban is just the latest outrageous school rule making headlines. In September, yoga pants, skinny jeans and leggings were banned for female students at Devils Lake High School in North Dakota because officials ruled the look “too distracting.” In March a 16-year-old in Texas was prohibited from asking her friend prom because they are both gay. That same month, a London elementary school barred kids from watching a solar eclipse during class, reportedly for religious reasons. And in the past, students have even been banned from wearing American flag T-Shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

Update, March 25, 2:41 p.m.: The bill died in the Senate committee.

An Arkansas Senate committee this week is set to consider a bill that would reverse some online privacy protections for workers, undoing part of a social media rights law passed two years ago.

The bill, passed by a 91-1 Arkansas House vote in February, would lift the ban on employers requiring employees to connect with them on social media, thereby allowing bosses to force workers to friend them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. But some employers would be granted even more access to their employees’ accounts.

The proposal, scheduled for a Senate labor committee hearing on Wednesday, would leave in place the earlier law’s other provisions, which ban employers from asking employees to change their privacy settings or provide their account passwords. But some employers would be exempt from even those prohibitions. Religious organizations and those that deal with the supervision of children — such as schools, day cares and summer camps — would be altogether excluded from the social media rules.

“What we’re trying to do is to just move that line back so that employers, if say an employee is making slanderous statements about their employer in social media, that the employer has the right to know that,” Rep. Nate Bell (R) said in an interview with a local television station two months ago.

In this recent ruling, federal district court Judge Andrew Gordon dismissed the Third Amendment claim [HT: VC reader Sean Flaim]. Although it occurred several weeks ago, the ruling seems to have gotten very little attention from either the media or legal commentators outside Nevada. That is unfortunate, because the ruling raises important issues about the scope of the Third Amendment, and its applicability against state and local governments. Here are the key passages from the opinion:

In the present case, various officers of the HPD and NLVPD entered into and occupied Linda’s and Michael’s home for an unspecified amount of time (seemingly nine hours), but certainly for less than twenty-four hours. The relevant questions are thus whether municipal police should be considered soldiers, and whether the time they spent in the house could be considered quartering. To both questions, the answer must be no.

I hold that a municipal police officer is not a soldier for purposes of the Third Amendment. This squares with the purpose of the Third Amendment because this was not a military intrusion into a private home, and thus the intrusion is more effectively protected by the Fourth Amendment. Because I hold that municipal officers are not soldiers for the purposes of this question, I need not reach the question of whether the occupation at issue in this case constitutes quartering, though I suspect it would not.

To some, the term “secret society” conjures up an image of a shadowy and elite cabal meeting behind smoke-filled rooms, discussing tactics of world domination and manipulation straight out of the most far-fetched espionage thrillers. To others, the image of secluded men (and occasionally women!) banding together in exotic garb to perform colorful ceremonies, impart hidden knowledge, and bestow fancy but incomprehensible titles upon one another springs to mind.

But just how far-fetched and fanciful is the prospect of a secret society? Could it be that, in any given echelon of the population, there are groups that exercise inordinate amounts of power and influence over the rest of us? Could these exotic, members-only clubs really pose such an immediate threat to our well-being that our very way of life is endangered? Quite frankly, the disturbing answers to those particular questions are yes and yes. Right in our midst there absolutely exists clandestine organizations, consisting of both men and women, who wield a dangerous amount of influence and power over the entire world populace.

In his book, entitled The World’s Most Dangerous Secret Societies, author James Jackson explores these dangerous secret organizations and their members. He expounds upon their beliefs, hidden agendas, and their ultimate goals of a new world order and world domination.

Here are a few of some of the dangerous secret societies that will be thoroughly examined.

  • The Freemasons
  • The Illuminati
  • Skull and Bones
  • The Bilderberg Group
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • The Trilateral Commission
  • The Society of Jesuits
  • The Committee of 300
  • The Knights Templar
  • And many more

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