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Open Eyes 095 04-17-15 Educational Issues

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There is a problem brewing on the horizon people. It is the issue of “Conspiracy Theorists” now being compared to ISIS terrorists IN CONGRESS. You need to tune into this episode and make sure you understand what all of this means, and where it is heading.

We also cover educational issues and the indoctrination of our children from the moment they get into the clutches of the state.

It is a CAN NOT MISS episode! You will want to hear it.

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The following are the show notes used to record this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.






In Maywood, Illinois — a Chicago suburb — Fire Chief Craig Bronaugh ordered all American flag stickers and military decals removed from the firefighters’ lockers. His reasoning? The American flags contribute to “a culture of racism.”

The Fire Chief has reportedly relieved four firefighters of duty.

The chairman of the House committee investigating the Benghazi terrorist attacks said Wednesday that his panel lacks the authority to subpoena Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said that while the House has authority to issue a subpoena for the server on which the former secretary of state stored her personal and professional emails, the Select Committee on Benghazi has a “more limited jurisdiction.”

“For my committee, which has a more limited jurisdiction, we, No. 1, lack the authority under House rules to subpoena the server,” Gowdy said in an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. “The House as an entity, it’s an open legal question, but most experts believe that the House could subpoena that server.”

ICE Director Sarah Saldana told a subcommittee of the House Budget Committee that a directive from Barack Obama trumps congressionally passed laws. As a law enforcement officer, she has a duty to uphold US immigration law as well as the constitution, which says in no uncertain terms that congress has the sole responsibility to pass laws.

but She disagrees !!!

 The State of Colorado v. James Holmes finally has a jury: 19 women, five men and a host of potential concerns.At least two of the 12 jurors and 12 alternates reportedly have ties to the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, including a man who was a student there at the time. The man, known only as Juror No. 737, fled the building safely, but was childhood friends with the gunmen and went to prom with a victim.

The niece of Juror No. 535 is also a Columbine survivor, according to Fox 31 in Denver. The woman’s niece escaped physical injury, but was in the cafeteria that the killers tried to bomb.

Both jurors were handpicked from a pool of thousands to decide if Holmes is guilty in the Colorado movie theater rampage that left 12 people dead and 70 others wounded in 2012.

The three-month selection process involved summonsing 9,000 candidates, the largest jury summons in U.S. history.

Last month, Judge Carlos Samour ruled against a request to move the trial. That’s when he also approved Juror No. 737 to continue in the jury pool after the man said he could be impartial. After a “decade of therapy to get over [the shooting]” and after giving it “tons” of thought, he told Samour that his experience at Columbine might make him a better juror.

“If I was helping the defense, I would be concerned about that juror,” Robert B. Hirschhorn, a veteran jury and trial consultant, told Yahoo News via email. “He has been the victim of a horrific trauma, and this case would likely revictimize him. [Post-traumatic stress disorder] is a very realistic possibility with that juror.”
An over-the-counter med for everyday aches and pains may be taking away more than just your physical discomfort.
Researchers from The Ohio State University studied the possible side effects from acetaminophen — the most common active ingredient in pain relievers and the main ingredient in Tylenol — and discovered that it can blunt emotions and even reduce the degree of positive and negative feelings.
Approximately 52 million Americans — nearly one-quarter of adults — use a med that contains acetaminophen each week. While this drug has been an approved form of medication for over 70 years in the United States and is found in over 600 medicines, this is the first news of this mind-based side effect, which has been published in the journal Psychological Science.
Study experts gathered 82 college students and split the group down the middle — half were given a dose of acetaminophen while the others were handed a placebo. One hour later — once the drugs took effect — all of the participants were asked to look at 40 images that ranged from extremely unpleasant (crying, malnourished children) to the neutral (a cow in a field) to the very pleasant (young children playing with cats). These “special” photos are used by researchers around the globe in order to evoke emotional responses from their subjects.
The students were first asked to rate how positive or negative the images were using a scale of -5 (extremely negative) to +5 (extremely positive). They were then asked to look at the same pictures again and rate the level of emotion each photo induced, from 0 (little or no emotion) to 10 (extreme amount of emotion).
The participants who were given acetaminophen had a less extreme reaction to all of the photos, compared to those who took the placebo. The positive images were not viewed as positively and the negative photos weren’t seen as negative. Their emotional reactions resulted in the same fashion — they didn’t feel strongly about any of photos, reporting an average level of emotion of 5.85 when they looked at the extreme images.
The same results were found again after researchers conducted a second similar study using another group of 85 adults.

A mother in England found herself in an uproar after she found out her 12-year-old daughter received a contraceptive implant at school without her knowing.

One year after Layla Rylands was given the hormone-releasing implant at her Hull City school, her mother Bernadette Jessop was shocked to find out that it occurred without her knowledge.

“I felt sick,” she said. “The school asked not long ago for consent for her to watch a film about sex. I didn’t give it until I knew what it contained, yet I don’t get the chance to the implant?”

The school 13-year-old Layla Rylands attends – the Ashwell Academy — is for students with “complex needs,” according to the Mirror.

Sexual health workers from the city council visited her daughter’s school to teach them about contraception.

According to the news site, if the workers found the students “competent” to decide on the contraceptive, the parents are not notified.

“How can you deem a child with problems competent?” Layla’s mother, Bernadette Jessop asked, acording to the Mirror.

A chairman of governors at the school, Eunice Evans, said that it was for the welfare of their students saying, “The academy has a duty of care to students.”

The contraceptive implant is a matchstick-sized rod that is inserted under the skin in the arm. It prevents pregnancy by releasing a series of hormones that prevents the egg from leaving the ovaries.

The implant can cause irregular bleeding as well as more serious side effects like nausea, yellowing skin, and serious bleeding.
Bloggers, conspiracy theorists and people who challenge establishment narratives on the Internet were all likened to ISIS terrorists during a chilling Congressional hearing which took place yesterday. As linguist Noam Chomsky said, “The idea that there should be a network reaching people, which does not repeat the US propaganda system, is intolerable” to the US establishment.
    The hearing, hosted by the House Foreign Relations Committee, was titled “Confronting Russia’s Weaponization of Information,” and accused Russian state broadcaster RT of weaponizing “conspiracy theories” to spread propaganda.
    One of the speakers giving testimony was former RT host Liz Wahl, who made a public spectacle of quitting Russian state media last year in an incident stage-managed by neo-con James Kirchick, himself a former employee of Radio Free Europe – a state media outlet.
    Remarking that the Internet provided a platform for “fringe voices and extremists,” Wahl characterized people who challenge establishment narratives as a “cult”.
    “They mobilize and they feel they’re part of some enlightened fight against the establishment….they find a platform to voice their deranged views,” said Wahl.
    Referring to comments made in January by US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) chief Andrew Lack, who characterized RT as a threat on the same level as ISIS and Boko Haram, Wahl said the comparison was justified.
    “By using the Internet to mobilize people that feel displaced, that feel like they’ve been on the outskirts of society, and give them a place where they can find a sense of belonging, and maybe make a difference in their own way, and it’s a problem,” she said.
    Wahl went on to bemoan the fact that conspiracy theorists were “shaping the discussion online, on message boards, on Twitter, on social media,” before asserting that the web had become a beacon of “disinformation, false theories, people that are just trying to make a name for themselves, bloggers or whatever, that have absolutely no accountability for the truth, that are able to rile up a mass amount of people online.”
    Committee Chairman Ed Royce then proceeded to accuse people on YouTube of using “raw violence” to advance conspiracy theories.
    Peter Pomerantsev, of the London-based Legatum Institute, followed up by claiming that conspiracy theories were no longer “fringe” and were now driving the success of Jean-Marie Le Pen in France, before lamenting the fact that conspiracy theories were challenging the “global order” and threatening to undermine global institutions.
    All three individuals that gave testimony are staunch critics of Russia, leading Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) to wish “we had at least one other person to balance out this in a way that perhaps could’ve compared our system to the Russian system, to find out where that truth is, just how bad that is.”
    Beyond the inflammatory rhetoric, the real story revolves around the fact that Washington was caught off guard by the rapid growth of RT, with Hillary Clinton and others having acknowledged the fact that the U.S. is “losing the information war,” which is why they are now desperately trying to denigrate the Russian broadcaster.

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