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Open Eyes 091 04-03-15 Old World Order vs New World Order

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Ryan Gable, host of The Secret Teachings joins me to discuss the Old World Order versus the New World Order, and how, in the end, they are one and the same. A LOT of people are falling into the deception, and the information provided in this episode will help you start to uncover the hidden truths about it all.

Join us for this VERY important discussion and find out for yourself how all of it has come about.



The following are the show notes used in the recording of this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.





 A power surge left thousands without power in Stockton on Monday after smart meters on their homes exploded….

PG&E says a dump truck crashed near its Alpine substation on Arch Road. When the truck hit the utility pole, the top wire fell onto the bottom wire, creating a power surge.

 Despite the fact that these meters have been known to burst into flames from time-to-time, and aside from the fact that they continuously expose occupants to electromagnetic radiation, and despite the fact that they can be used to continually collect data on everyone who lives in a home (the newer versions can send signals from individual outlets in a home every 15 seconds to be later broken down with disaggregation algorithms)… now this….

So now, instead of just having to worry about continual data collection and surveillance, or the negative health effects of electromagnetic frequency exposure, or the potential for a random house fire, there’s also the possibility of a truck randomly hitting a pole and causing your smart meter to straight up explode, also damaging your home and leaving you and yours without power for at least a week, maybe longer until it can be replaced… to possibly happen all over again?

How “smart” is this smart grid again?

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