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Open Eyes 088 03-27-15 Autism and More

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Autism is a devastating disorder that is being diagnosed with ever increasing frequency. In this episode, I am joined by Jolene Robinson as we tell our personal account and story of our son, Seth, and open the door a little into the inner workings of the Autistic mind.

We also delve into symbolism in movies, the Germanwing crash and much more! Join us, it is one you won’t want to miss!



The following are the show notes used to record this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.



As I was working on a report concerning the existence of nationwide rendition centers known as black sites, I was sent a video, from multiple people, made by  Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton filming  black helicopters, yesterday, in Texas (see video below). This video validates many reports that I am receiving about preemptive arrests of dissidents notated as “enemy combatants” in preparation for Jade Helm 15 and this is what I believe the two reporters are witnessing.
Dissident extractions consist of personnel in armored vehicles descending upon a home of a known dissident. The known dissident and the family are SWAT-teamed and arrested. The dissident is transported to a waiting helicopter where they and other similarly collected dissidents are transported to where ground transportation will be used to move the captives to a “black site re-education facility”.  This protocol is for the main target only. The planned fate of dissident family members is something that I have not been able to determine
Please note that Jade Helm 15 (JH 15)  is not commencing on July 15, 2015, as announced by the military. JH 15 is happening right now. Further, JH 15 is not only taking place in the American Southwest, there are multiple reports that JH 15 is also being conducted in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.

The Mirror (UK) is now reporting that “Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz ‘suffered burnout or depression’ a few years ago, a former classmate has claimed.”

The reported behavior of Andrea Lubitz is eerily similar to SSRI-drug-induced school shooters who have carried out mass murders in the United States (see detailed list below). In case after case, school shooters have been found to either be on prescription antidepressant drugs or have been recently taken off them, causing withdrawal side effects.

What U.S. school shootings and the Germanwings mass murder have in common is a dissociation from reality where individuals often think they are “playing a video game” and don’t realize their actions are literally harming other people in the real world.

A pastor leading a protest Wednesday outside a Detroit-area police department threatened to shut down the city until white officers are fired for the bloody arrest of a black man who was pulled from his car and repeatedly punched in the head.

The march in Inkster came a day after TV station WDIV aired police dashcam video of the Jan. 28 arrest of Floyd Dent, 57. In it, an officer punches Dent many times in the head while another officer tries to handcuff the motorist, who is on the ground. Dent’s face and shirt were bloodied.

Police say Dent disregarded stop signs and refused to pull over, then resisted arrest and threatened them. They also say they found a bag of crack cocaine in his car.

Dent, who said he spent three days in the hospital with broken ribs, blood on his brain and other injuries, told reporters at a news conference that he was defending himself as an officer was “nearly choking me to death.”

“I wasn’t resisting arrest,” he said. “When someone is beating your face, you’re going to protect yourself.”

A judge has dismissed charges of fleeing and resisting police, but Dent still faces a drug charge. He says he was visiting a friend, and that the officers planted the drugs in his car. He also said he was tested at the hospital and was “clean” of alcohol or drugs.

In 2004, Melendez and seven other Detroit officers were acquitted of lying, falsifying reports and planting evidence. Federal prosecutors had accused him and another officer of being the “masterminds” of a conspiracy to “run roughshod over the civil rights of the victims.”

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents had alleged “sex parties” with prostitutes over several years, said a report published on Thursday and stemming from a review of allegations of misconduct by several DEA agents in Colombia.

The alleged parties were funded by local drug cartels, said the report by the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General, an agency internal watchdog.

The report raised concerns about inadequate reporting of allegations of misconduct and sexual harassment by several law enforcement agencies, including the DEA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. Marshals Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Among the DEA allegations, 10 agents – an assistant regional director and nine special agents – had the alleged sex parties “at government-leased headquarters,” and three of the special agents “were provided money, expensive gifts, and weapons from drug cartel members,” according to the report.

After investigation, seven of the agents admitted attending the parties, and were suspended for between two and 10 days.

One special agent was cleared of all wrongdoing, the report said. None of the agents was named in the report.
 Stranding numbers for the months of January and February were more than 20 times the average [said NOAA]. – See more at:
Stranding numbers for the months of January and February were more than 20 times the average [said NOAA]. – See more at: http://yournewswire.com/10000-dead-sea-lions-wash-up-in-california-officials-announce-crisis/#sthash.f1khwlph.dpuf
 10,000 baby sea lions have washed up dead on a California island, with experts calling the unexplained deaths a “crisis” and “[Pups] are washing ashore at a rate so alarming, rescuers said Thursday, this year is the worst yet”.Experts at NOAA say that the culprit is rising ocean temperatures
… a NOAA climate expert said that they do not believe the stranding increase is tied to climate change.

It’s possible there’s gold in your poop, according to a group of scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Millions of dollars in it.

In addition to the food we eat, human waste contains a variety of metals and minerals — including gold, copper, and silver, which find their way into waste through beauty products, detergents, and other products. In their study, the researchers measured the amount of gold in human waste product, and found that they were at the “level of a minimal mineral deposit,” Kathleen Smith, a USGS geologist who worked on the study, said. This means that if those levels were found in rock, they’d be considered a possible mining prospect.
people that spew out the whole “I hope you learn your lesson when your kid gets blah blah blah” thing are truly some of the most evilly minded people out there.I mean, look at you, wishing upon a beautiful little girl something horrible just so that your freaking point could be made. What a monstrous attitude that really is.

It’s more than a little disturbing. It’s a mental issue, I think. It’s very akin to a form of sociopathy. You have to be cut off quite a bit from your sense of empathy or conscience to go there.
People are strange.  Someone’s facebook timeline shows 3 pictures done in succession.  One says to start each day with a focus on gratitude and joy.  A little later, they posted another picture saying, “Always stay true to yourself.  Some people will like it, some people won’t.  Life goes on.”  and THEN later they posted another one that said, “A woman can’t change a man because she loves him.  A man changes himself because he loves her.”

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