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Open Eyes 083 03-16-15 Doomed Through Charity

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It’s a karma centric episode as we go into the idea of energy, charity and money and how it is all related to your karma, AND the idea that you may very well be dooming yourself because of it.

How about a lesson into the nature of reality? Yep, we have that, too!

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The following are the show notes used to record this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.



 While the Ontario Liberal government under lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne would have parents believe its newly unveiled sex-ed program is an unbiased presentation of fact, a detailed look at what kids in grades 1-8 are expected to learn reveals something entirely different.

Passing the baton of the 1960s sexual revolt to today’s up-and-coming generations of youngsters, the 2015 Health and Physical Education program states in its earliest pages that sexual health “is more than simply teaching young people about the anatomy and physiology of reproduction,” but includes the relatively recent inventions of “sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression” as well as “gender roles and expectations.”

Some things from this educational (indoctrination) program are:
“One of the best things that you can do to fight HIV/AIDS is to stop the Stigma that is associated with having the infection…”
HOW does that stop the infection? Where is the science in this?
For 8th graders…
“How would thinking about your personal limits and making a personal plan influence decisions that you make about your sexual activity?”
The link above contains a grade by grade break down of the program that is being introduced. The irony is that the primary architect of this program is Dr. Benjamin Levin , who was arrested in 2013 for making child pornography. So go figure.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s former deputy minister of education, Benjamin Levin, was convicted March 3 in a Toronto courtroom to three charges involving child pornography: making written child pornography, counseling a person to commit a sexual assault, and possession of child pornography.

After Justice Heather Adair McArthur of the Ontario Court of Justice accepted Levin’s guilty plea to the three charges, crown counsel Allison Dellandrea said neither the crown nor Levin’s lawyer, Clayton Ruby, disputed the “agreed statement of fact.”

Among the more lurid details contained in the statement are the admission that Levin, in internet chats, claimed he had sexually abused his own daughters, hoped his daughters would make his grandchildren available to him for sex, and counseled an undercover officer on how to groom a child for sexual abuse. The statement acknowledges that there is no evidence Levin actually abused his children and he has not been charged for that offense.






There’s a reason we shouldn’t be talking about religion and politics in polite company. It stirs passions and strong emotions. For one Michigan woman, those emotions and a slow cooker ended the argument with the murder of her best friend.
A Detroit woman was ordered Thursday to stand trial in the killing of her friend beaten with a slow cooker after the two argued about politics.

Tewana Sullivan, 50, who is charged with murder, cried at her preliminary hearing as she heard graphic details about the fatal Oct. 22 assault on Cheryl Livy, 66, with a kitchen appliance.

Oakland County Medical Examiner Dr. Ljubisa Dragovic testified before Livonia District Judge Sean Kavanagh that Livy died of blunt force injuries to her head, face and mid-back.





It takes a special kind of someone to beat someone to death with a crock pot.





Humans contain ‘alien’ genes not passed on from our ancestors, researchers have discovered.
The say we acquired essential ‘foreign’ genes from microorganisms co-habiting their environment in ancient times.
The study challenges conventional views that animal evolution relies solely on genes passed down through ancestral lines – and says the process could still be going on.

The research published in the open access journal Genome Biology focuses on the use of horizontal gene transfer, the transfer of genes between organisms living in the same environment.
‘This is the first study to show how widely horizontal gene transfer (HGT) occurs in animals, including humans, giving rise to tens or hundreds of active ‘foreign’ genes,’ said lead author Alastair Crisp from the University of Cambridge.
‘Surprisingly, far from being a rare occurrence, it appears that HGT has contributed to the evolution of many, perhaps all, animals and that the process is ongoing, meaning that we may need to re-evaluate how we think about evolution.’





The ideas as far as karma is concerned…



Karma is essentially the accumulation of negative or positive energy or vibrations, is one  way that you can look at it all.



It’s about conscience, and interaction.






Some think that karma is associated with reincarnation and this has led to a lot of issues in the world, especially in the Hindu culture…






We are all interconnected together…


Strings on a piano



There is even species karma, i think…



National Karma…  look at how the US started out…






Leaders are there as a mirror reflection of us…






Money as energy…



Why is this important?



Money DOES tie us to things karmically, because it is OUR energy that is feeding whatever you are giving to.



When you buy drugs, for instance..


Or if you buy things from something like Wal-Mart…



the same can be said as far as charities are concerned…




charities tied to pharma…



pharmaceutical companies causing harm, a lot of times intentionally, for profit…





there are a lot of subtle things going on with it all.  People don’t realize what they tie themselves to when they do things, and then wonder why things in their lives take negative turns…






Many people ask me my thoughts on the afterlife, reincarnation, etc, because i talk a lot about karma…






Karma is reset… the debt is paid immediately, even if you don’t realize it at that time or it doesn’t show up at that moment.



it is still in action.




because its a new life, there is no tie karma wise to the previous life.





So some people will ask why is it that way? What abut people that do things wrong?



We have a life review… of sorts…




We live out life anew each time to have new experiences…






We’re born with amnesia because if we remembered what things are like on the other side…




We are here for the experience, and to learn lessons through those experiences…




So, let’s think about ways to get away from having our karma tied to other people and other events that you really don’t want to be connected with…



The first, most obvious way is to be conscious of what you are doing and who you are giving things to…




Charity in and of itself is a GOOD thing, a positive thing.  You are looking to help someone out in some way, and that’s not bad.

But you have to use caution in your charity and guard your heart….

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