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Open Eyes 059 01-16-15 Health Lies

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We’re lied to every day about our health and about the healthcare industry.  Joe Long joins us as we discuss everything from cancer to Vaccines and try to find some truth in the lies.

The following are the show notes used to record this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.


Russia cuts off Ukrane Gas Supply


It was a one-mile walk home from a Silver Spring park on Georgia Avenue on a Saturday afternoon. But what the parents saw as a moment of independence for their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, they say authorities viewed much differently.

Danielle and Alexander Meitiv say they are being investigated for neglect for the Dec. 20 trek — in a case they say reflects a clash of ideas about how safe the world is and whether parents are free to make their own choices about raising their children.

Nanny state

(This type of thing is a perfect example of “just following orders.”)




Street children as young as five are being caged in brutal detention centres alongside adult criminals in a cynical drive to smarten up the Philippines capital ahead of a visit by Pope Francis this week.

Hundreds of boys and girls have been rounded up from doorways and roadsides by police and officials and put behind bars in recent weeks to make the poverty-racked city more presentable when Pope Francis arrives tomorrow, a MailOnline investigation has found.

In a blatant abuse of the country’s own child protection laws, the terrified children are locked up in filthy detention centres where they sleep on concrete floors and where many of them are beaten or abused by older inmates and adult prisoners and, in some cases, starved and chained

Keep in mind this is the 39th largest economy in the world, greater than Finland, Ireland, and Portugal… all countries where something like this would shock and shame the nation to the core. The depravity found in the ruling parties of this world never ceases to shock me.



In the absurd news of the day…

Students are often encouraged to bring canned goods to school for food drive or other charitable events. But administrators at W.F. Burns Middle School in Valley, Ala., sent a letter home with students on Friday asking them to bring in canned food for a more unusual reason: to throw at potential gunmen.

In the letter, Principal Priscella Holley explains that this “countering” tactic is part of the ALICE method of school safety; the acronym stands for “Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.” In the event of an intruder, every student will be armed with a canned food item, Holley explains. “We realize at first this may seem odd; however, it is a practice that would catch an intruder off-guard,” she wrote. “The canned food item could stun the intruder or even knock him out until the police arrive. The canned food item will give the students a sense of empowerment to protect themselves and will make them feel secure in case an intruder enters their classroom.”

Oh sure, that would work. I know I, for one, read a lot of stories every day about residents calling the police and they respond immediately by throwing cans of tuna at the intruders face.

What a ridiculous set of circumstances we have come to, am I right?

I mean come on, people. I have even heard of offices teaching their employees to have reams of paper sitting at their desk in case of a potential gunman.

I’ve seen government offices. They’ve been almost exclusively staffed by menopausal women with bad eyesight and terrible aim. How is that going to help them out?

If we can protect money in our banks with armed guards, we should be able to do the same for our children. If people can’t stomach that, then it is even more asinine to say the standard procedure should be for kids to huddle in the corner when an active shooter breaches the door and do nothing. The counter is a last resort…remember these unbalanced #$%$ holes are cowards trying to kill as many people as possible before the cops come kill them. Resistance of any kind makes sense in this last resort scenario. It isn’t any more ridiculous than the duck and cover nuclear bomb drills of decades past.

love how the idea of a gunman coming onto campus is a given, and the idea of an armed security guard or armed teachers is out of the question.


Show notes:



In Washington State, officials have apparently now mandated that all foster parent families must get their entire households, including young children, vaccinated with the influenza vaccine as a requirement for keeping any foster children. This is in spite of the fact that the flu vaccine is both dangerous and largely ineffective.



People will consider facts fairly or they won’t. We cling to beliefs and use our logic to refute before objectively considering facts. We do have video demonstrating how a developing neuron is damaged and destroyed by the presence of just a couple of mercury ions. We have known this for decades. Real scientists know that the body is designed to filter a certain amount of mercury that is ingested with food, but that this filtering does not apply to mercury that is introduced as an injectant. The EPA also stated that a healthy adult with a healthy liver can filter up to 5 micrograms of ingested mercury on a given day. Yet, up to 26 times in an infant’s first year of life, they are infected with up to 25 micrograms of mercury with each vaccine. In 1984, the EPA told dentists that leftover dental amalgams must be treated as hazardous waist because it is too dangerous for landfills.

Based on our scientific knowledge of the dangers of mercury as a neurotoxin that is particularly damaging to developing neurons, our government forced industries to remove mercury from thermometers and even barometers. Yet, dangerous amounts of mercury are still present in the popular energy saving light bulbs and is directly injected into our babies.

This is not a matter of science versus myth. This is a matter of honesty and integrity. In the 2004 IOM study, the president of the IOM admitted in a TV interview that the panel of scientists chose to only publish the epidemiological study, which included children who received no vaccines before age 2, and that they chose to not publish the hard fact results of the biological data they had collected.

This is a matter of objectivity and honesty. If scientific studies are manipulated and not fully reported, if science is not objective, fair, and honest, it simply is not science at all. As one professor with a PhD in anatomy and another PhD in physiology pointed out, “If observable results are dismissed because they do not satisfy the hoped for result, this is not science. This is anti-science.”

I remain hopeful that all who simply want the truth will come together. After decades of personal research, I believe that if we had been honest about the real dangers of vaccines from the beginning, we would have solved the problems and improved our approach to improving herd immunity. We would have improved vaccines or found something better. We would have moved forward. The only reason this did not happen is because the available information was not disclosed honestly out of fear that compliance would be lost.

We can be fair and we can be smarter than this. One post suggested that the relationship between vaccines and autism can logically be compared to the relationship between declining pirate populations and global warming. I don’t think we need a study to know that the temperature did not go up when a pirate died. Incredible numbers of children suddenly displayed symptoms of autism or neurological distubances within hours and days of receiving a vaccine. Dismissing this reality is just not intelligent and is certainly not responsible or scientific. I know MDs who made statements of denial like those I have read here… until their child became autistic. Does the Pharoah still need for his own child to be affected by the plague before waking up and smelling the reality?

They are just using it as something to point their finger at and blame. I suggest getting your children vaccinated, or else you’ll allow your kid to get sick from dangerous diseases that kill.





Until 1985 it was standard practice to not use any anesthetic on babies, thinking that they could not feel pain and that anesthesia was more dangerous than not using it.


Studies showing harm in vaccines

Aluminum vaccine adjutants: are they safe?


Neural Dynamics Research Group, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1L8, Canada. lucijat77@gmail.com


Aluminum is an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin and the most commonly used vaccine adjutant. Despite almost 90 years of widespread use of aluminum adjutants, medical science’s understanding about their mechanisms of action is still remarkably poor. There is also a concerning scarcity of data on toxicology and pharmacokinetics of these compounds. In spite of this, the notion that aluminum in vaccines is safe appears to
be widely accepted. Experimental research, however, clearly shows that aluminum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans. In particular, aluminum in adjuvant form carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications and may thus have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. In our opinion, the possibility that vaccine benefits may have been overrated and the risk of potential adverse effects underestimated, has not been rigorously evaluated in the medical and scientific community. We hope that the present paper will provide a framework for a much needed and long overdue assessment of this highly contentious medical issue.




Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism.

Department of Biology and Biotechnology Center, Utah State University, Logan, Utah 84322, USA. singhvk@cc.usu.edu
Autoimmunity to the central nervous system (CNS), especially to myelin basic protein (MBP), may play a causal role in autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder. Because many autistic children harbor elevated levels of measles antibodies, we conducted a serological study of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and MBP autoantibodies. Using serum samples of 125 autistic children and 92 control children, antibodies were assayed by ELISA or immunoblotting methods. ELISA analysis showed a significant increase in the level of MMR antibodies in autistic children. Immunoblotting analysis revealed the presence of an unusual MMR antibody in 75 of 125 (60%) autistic sera but not in control sera. This antibody specifically detected a protein of 73-75 kD of MMR. This protein band, as analyzed with monoclonal antibodies, was immunopositive for measles hemagglutinin (HA) protein but not for measles nucleoprotein and rubella or mumps viral proteins. Thus the MMR antibody in autistic sera detected measles HA protein, which is unique to the measles subunit of the vaccine. Furthermore, over 90% of MMR antibody-positive autistic sera were also positive for MBP autoantibodies, suggesting a strong association between MMR and CNS autoimmunity in autism. Stemming from this evidence, we suggest that an inappropriate antibody response to MMR, specifically the measles component thereof, might be related to pathogenesis of autism.
Copyright 2002 National Science Council, ROC and S. Karger AG, Basel



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