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What are you paying attention to while the power players are doing some seriously dirty business?


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What have you been paying attention to?

Here’s what I have been paying attention to of late…

CIA Torture Leak

— 9/11 torture pictures justifying the torture

The Congress just passed a bill giving police unlimited access to citizen’s private communications.

This was done very hush-hush and most have missed it.




Rep. Justin Amash said,

“One of the most egregious sections of law I’ve encountered during my time as a representative: It grants the executive branch virtually unlimited access to the communications of every American.”


How about the Trans-Pacific Partnership?


The TPP is one evil piece of free trade agreement.

The major part that concerns me is that if this agreement goes through and we, in the US are subjected to it, from that point on, if a company or corporation thinks that it will lose profits because of regulations or laws that the US has, for instance, the company can be compensated for its projected losses.

The public is not able to access the information in TPP AT ALL, but we have been given glimpses through leaks.

Even members of Congress, after being denied the text for years, are now only provided limited access.



And then of course, there’s the $1.1 billion spending bill passing through congress.

The House passed it already, after getting it on Tuesday.  They voted on it on Thursday.

They had 2 days to read through a 1600 page bill.  God help us all.  Seriously.   It’s like Obamacare.

Here’s just a FEW of the things that have been released about what is in this bill for this year.  Ugh.  This is ridiculous.,

And yet, not shocking.


5.4 billion to fight Ebola in Africa

5 billion to fight ISIS

479 million to buy 4 F-35 Jets that are NOT WANTED.  According to the Pentagon, they do not even work!  The plane, according to the Pentagon reports about it, “Can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run.”

Of course, Lockheed Martin, the builders of the F-35, contributed massive amounts of money, up to 28 MILLION, during the last election, so, of course, no cronyism there, right guys?>

93 million cuts in WIC

60 million in cuts to EPA

Citigroup wrote a part of this bill, by the way, as well.  Specifically, they made it so that the requirement that banks rid themselves of derivatives trading from the parts of Dodd Frank that made the government responsible for.

In other words, the risk is now back on US, the Taxpayers, insteaad of on the banks that are profiting on these derivative trading actions.

Oh, they also voted to increase by a factor of TEN the amount of money people can donate to campaign funds.  They can now, in effect, donate over 300,000 dollars to campaign funds, instead of 35,000.

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