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Open Eyes 040 We’re In An Insane Country

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There are signs that this country is insane, and we are all just smiling blithely while we are carried along.

We explore some of this insanity in this episode of Open Eyes.



The following are the show notes used to record this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.



I constantly look around at the things that go on in this country of ours, and I have to just shake my head at all of the insane things I see. 

I mean, things are just seriously messed up.  And it’s not all the fault of the government or their handlers, either.


A lot of it is either because we fall right into the things that they want us to do, or we feed ourselves on laziness, misery and stupidity.


Want a perfect example?


How about Black Friday and all of the nonsense that is associated with it.


I mean, have you ever seen the compilation videos of black friday shoppers and zombie movies?


There is, literally, no difference between the two.




I mean, people getting into such a frenzy that they will kill, maim and destroy in their quest to find “deals.”


Even though th4se deals are NOT deals.  The prices on items are always marked UP just before the holidays, to up the profit margin.


And, even on the items that are not?


Frankly, if I got a present on Christmas from someone, knowing that they got it oon Black Friday, I would tell them they can keep it.  Don’t give me something that you got by continuing this insanity called Black Friday.


Not to mention, the SMART devices you get on those “deals”!



Want more examples of insane things we do in America?


How about this?>


Until 1985 it was standard practice to not use any anesthetic on babies, thinking that they could not feel pain and that anesthesia was more dangerous than not using it.


This came about because of experiments that were done, to test babies for pain, and seeing that  some did not react to needle pokes.  It was thought, because of this, that babies did not feel any pain, so using anesthetic would be wasted or useless on them.


People, that was just 28 years ago that that changed.


I have some more for you.


Some of these come from an article I read on NaturalNews.com, and, while I may not agree with everything they put on their website, I can agree on the things I saw there regarding this.



When your president starts acting like an emperor and begins ruling by decree and your elected representatives won’t lift a finger to do anything to stop it

DC recently legalized marijuana.  Did you know that? It’s a good thing.

However, even though the vote was approved by the voters, legislators in the House and Senate are passing laws to not allow this vote to be accepted.

So, in other words, the law was approved by the voters (by a large majority, i might add.  They had to have twice as many yeses and nos to be passed), they are going against that vote.

They are doing it as quickly as they can, before the changeover in January.


So, the president hands out an executive order, giving by proxy amnesty for 5 million to 11 million illegal immigrants, hands out other executive orders that counter the constitution, and these asshats in congress let it all slide right on by.


But as soon as something GOOD is done?  Can’t have that.


When the greatest dream in life for millions of your fellow citizens is to win the Powerball jackpot


The fact is, if you have $10 in your pocket…



 When only 36 percent[4] of the population can name all three branches of government,


Well, the police officers that are supposed to defend our rights…




 When the federal government collects billions of our phone calls and emails and hardly anyone gets upset about it


Why not?  The new social norm is to have your phone…



 When an endless stream of gang members, drug dealers, sexual predators, welfare parasites and Middle Eastern terrorists can enter the country illegally and nothing is done, but anyone who criticizes this is in danger of being put on an “enemies list”


If you are wearing jeans you can be considered a terrorist, or at least a suspect.


If you like cats, fall asleep in public, hiccup, sneeze, cough, etc etc


 When your military airdrops huge loads of weapons into the hands of the very terrorists that they are supposed to be fighting


Why not?> ISIS is just an offshoot of the CIA.



When there are 2.5 million homeless children living in your nation and nobody is calling it a “national emergency

Indeed, and not only that, but there are 10 homes for every homeless person just sitting vacant.

It’s also illegal to feed the homeless, and, in some places, to BE homeless.


 When a fifth-grade student can get suspended from school for making an imaginary gun with his fingers


Not long ago, I did an episode on zero tolerance policies, and the insanity that goes with them.


you can find that one at Zero Tolerance Policies.

Kids have been suspended to eating a pop tart and it ended up in the shape roughly of a gun.  They have been suspended for pointing their fingers and saying pew pew pew.

They have been suspended, AND arrested, for “terrorist threats”  for playing cops and robbers with paper guns.


Terrorist threats with paper guns!


What the hell kind of stupidity is going on in people’s minds?


 When Congress has to pass a law to keep federal workers from watching porn all day long


You know we have a sad state of affairs when the had to pass an actual LAW to prevent people from watching porn all the time on the job.




 When the number of payday lenders is greater than the number of Starbucks locations


And do you really realize just how many Starbucks there are out there?


There’s one town that has a Starbucks literally across the street from a Starbucks.


They are worse than a plague, and just as costly to people.




 When the general public knows far more about Kim Kardashian than it does about the Federal Reserve


Yeah, indeed.  Do YOU even know what the federal reserve is?


I’ll give you a hint.  It has nothing to do with the government.  It ias about as Federal as Federal Express.



How about Geoengineering our atmosphere, day after day after day for years


If you don’t believe in geoengineering, you have got to do some research.  The government itself admits that geoengineering happens.


How about fluoride?


We are sold on the idea that it is good for us, and yet it is a neurotoxin, according to the doctors themselves.


In The Lancet…



We live in a society that is based on opposites.


The education system does not educate.  It indoctrinates.  Education is not…



The justice system is not just.


You see that all the time.  You see how the justice system is all about keeping people in these prisons.  We have far more prisoners than any other country, and yet we have a population that is lower than even the ones that have the next highest rates of prisoners.


Is it because Americans are really evil scumsucking people that need to be jailed/

Yet, the amount of non-violent offenders is through the roof.  Most of those on trumped up drug charges, especially regarding pot.


A woman healer her son with cannabis oil and is facing years in prison because of it, even though as of Jan 1st, cannabis will be legal in the state she is in.  Yet, 2 months before hand, she could go to jail for years.




The medical system does not heal.  It treats.
There’s a big difference between the two.



The food industry does not feed us food, it feeds us chemistry.


It’s a land of opposites, of contradictions.  Is it any wonder people have no sense?  The country has no sense.  The laws have no sense.  The systems in place have no sense.


And it’s that way on purpose.

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