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Open Eyes 037 White Racist Christmas

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The song “White Christmas” is apparently, now, racist.

So is “Black Friday.”

These idiocies, and more, are covered in this racism-fueled episode of Open Eyes.



The following are the show notes used in recording this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.


“White Christmas is Racist!”

So I ran across a bit of news that just… confused me.

Really, it did.

Apparently, at least according to a lot of the protestors out there protesting for Michael Brown and Eric Garner, singing White Christmas, the classic Christmas song, is racist.


It all started with Darius Rucker, the lead singer of Hootie and the BLowfish.


Apparently, he sang the song at a public gathering, and this caused a stir, calling it racism, reverse racism, etc.


What a ridiculous set of circumstances.

They have even called Black Friday racist.

Do they even know what black friday means?  Do they even know what it stands for?


This is just stupid, people.   Stupidity and ignorance is truly ruling this country.


Look, there IS racism in this country, and around the wsorld.


There’s no denying that.


But let’s call racism as it truly is, as it truly happens.


It’s racist to do anything in relation to another race that is not your own, either negative or positive, based on their race.


Simple as that.


Racism exists, just like the divisions between people have always had.


It’s not just racism, either.  It’s religiousism, politicism, every “ism” there is.


And you are being played.  100% you are being played.


Here’ is some REAL TRUTH


Here’s some real truth for you.  Ready for it?

Scientifically, there is no color.

White is, technically, every color.

Black is the absence of color.

“Colors” are the perceptions of our brains, in response to stimuli from the visual cortexx, which the brain then interprets as colors, shapes,, depth, etc.


But those things?  They are just in your mind.  Seriously.  all in your mind.


NOTHING truly exists.  Everything is energy.  There is nothing else, literally.


What we perceive with our senses is just the brain’s way of dealing with the different energies, frequencies and vibrations that it is sensing.


It is all a lie.


NOTHING truly exists.


Now, that stuff is the reality we live in.  That is the truth of the reality we live in/


There is nothing.  Only energy, and we are energy, responding to the different forms and formats that energy can take.


And, even deeper than that?  We are all quantum particles, bot even existing until a consciousness “observes” it and makes it real.


Now, knowing that, how can you say that there is any difference bwetween you and me?

There is none.  It is all perception.  It is all fake.


Even the voice you hear right now coming through from me to you is not real.  There is no such thing as a “voice”.  It is just your brain’s way of interpreting a certain set of frequencies and making it INTO sound.

That’s what’s real.


The Dark Masters LOVE this stuff

Now, yes, I understand, we live in a world where the perceptions make up reality, as we see it, and people are going to react to things that they encounter because, well, life.

But that doesn’t mean that we have to be controlled by things, right>?

You see, the dark masters, they know how reality works.  They understand that these things are the basis of reality.

They know it, and they like to use it against us.  They are sick, twisted and perverted, and they love to be that way.

And you need to think again if you think that they don’t ahve an agenda in all of this.

Who do you think started it all?


YYep.  They did.



It’s tied to religion, its tied to nationality, it’s tied to money, it is all tied together, and they are the ones pulling the strings to make it all happen, the way that they want it to be.


Look at what is happening across America right now.  Protests are lighting up, pushed by the media, talking nothing but race race race.


Livestream action showing it’s NOT about racism!

When i first started watching livestreams from the protests in Ferguson, back in August, there were many people interviewed…


Same with Eric Garner.


His daughters have even come out saying that it is not about eravce, and it shouldn’t be.


It is about justice.


There’s no justice in looting, rioting, destroying people’s property, disrupting everything.


That’s not justice.


That’s chaos.


Al Sharpton, the man that claims to be a reverend but is far from it, claims that this is all about race.


It’s not.


That’s an agenda.  That is what HE perceives it to be, because he comes from an era that WAS about race.

Many of those protestors I spoke about said that Al needed to go home, that he had no business involved in the Michael Brown protests, and that he was only sparking flames that did not need to be lit.

Race race race.

The dark masters just LOVE to push that button.

They know it’s a hot one, one that will get a LOT of attention away from them and onto things that don’t matter.  Things that aren’t real.


YOU are perpetuating the stereotypes!

There’s problems with racism, yes.

But, do you think that what you are doing, by looting, by rioting, by causing chaos, is helping the stereotypes that people have about you?

If I, as a red man, was to get myself all drunk on likker and start losing control, isn’t that perpetuating a stereotype onto myself?

Sure is.  That’;s why I won’t do such tings.

See?  Simple as that.


If people perceive you and your “race” to be thugs and troublemakers, and you are trying to say, no, we’re not.  And then you go out and cause all this havoc… isn’t that perpetuating the stereotype that people have about you?


If people think that you are a violent person, calling out to your bitches and ho’s and goin for the bling, and you say that is racist and a stereotype, then you go out and do exactly those things… that isn’t racism.  That is just pointing out who you are.

Do you see the point there?



You are not helping your cause by screaming “racist” at every thing that happens.  You need to call racism where it exists and as it exists, and stop making it where there is none.


To do otherwise plays RIGHT into the hands of the dark masters that are WANTING you to do these thigns.


Why can you not understand that?


A Black Minister Speaks the Truth

Johnathan Gentry quote…




You see folks, he is absolutely correct.  He is right on point with it all.


I have said it many times.  Michael Brown is not the poster child for change.  He was a criminal and he was out to cause problems that day.


Want a better example?

A better example of what to protest about!

How about Aiyanna Stanley-Jones?



She was a 7 year old girl, fatally shot by police during a raid while she slept on her couch.

A little girl, happened to be black, 7 years old… shot dead while sleeping, by a cop who claimed he could not see because of flash grenades and gas shot into the house before going in.

He “saw a figure” and fired.

And, guess what?

He was not indicted.  All charges against him were dropped.

Officer Daniel Weekley, a Detroit officer, was released of all charges against him in the 2010 killing of this little girl.

In fact, not only was he let go of all charges, the courts did it in a way that made it so that it was impossible to file an appeal or anything, and was grated the dismissal through a technicality.

You want to talk about something worth protesting?  How’s that?

A 7 year old black girl, straight up murdered by a cop, and the cop was let go, scot-free.



Aiyanna isn’t the only case like this, either.  There are many examples of true crimes committed by the police against blacks, whites, reds, browns,, yellows, purples, greens, what EVER color you want to point out.


The problem isn’t RACISM, the problem is cops out of control.


Oh, but that’s not worth talking about.


That’s not worth protesting about or pointing out.




Just keep up what you guys are doing, protestors.  You’re geting a lot of attention now.


Granted, you’re playing right inot the hands that want you to do it, and in the ways they want you to do them, but, that doesn’t matter.


Just keep screaming that you want justice while you loot, pillage and burn everything around you.


Truly, you’re making a stand.

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