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Open Eyes 032 Is Prayer Important?

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Everyone has heard of prayer, but is Prayer really that important?

Is it really necessary? HOW does prayer actually WORK? (The answer is very scientific, actually…)



The following are the show notes used in the recording of this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.



Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.

Mahatma Gandhi



Topic 1 : A Prayer Without Praying


Does prayer matter?


What IS prayer, anyway?


Why do we pray?


Did you know that it’s possible to pray without actually praying?



Topic 2 :  How prayer works


We are all energy


Albert Einstein said “Mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing.”


We know, at a quantum level, all things are energy, and we are just a physical manifestation of that energy.


If you look at any part of yourself, under a microscope, you will see cells.  But you are more than just cells.  You are a community of overf 50 trillion cells in a communal body, acting as one to progress you forward.


Now, pick a cell.  Any random cell will do.  How about that one there, the one to the right just outside of the stomach?


Let’s look at that cell under an even more powerful microscope.


Oh, look.  There are even deeper things there.  20 trillion atoms ar there, just flowing around, doing their thing.
So you are also a community of a thousand trillion trillion atoms.  Can we go deeper?  You can pick any one of those atoms and let’s look at it under an even more powerful machine.


Whoa.  There’s stuff even inside of the atoms!


It’s all energy!


Now, if you ascribe to the big bang theory… 14 billion years ago, at the time of the big bang, all energy was compressed into one teeny tiny ball.  Itty bitty.


Is that truly the case? Who knows for sure? Either way, we are all still energy.


Each one of us goes through our motions, daily, but even while we are in motion, and think we are busy, we are even busier.


Every atom inside of us is moving at the speed of light.


And, we are not just energy, and not only moving at the speed of light… we are also the age of the universe.  All energy was once one thing.


Just think about that for a moment.


You are as old as the universe itself.



Prayer = thoughts = meditation = intentions.  It is all the same energy.


We truly are all energy.  Prayer, meditation, intentions, they are all the same, and they are simply tools that we use to “change the game”.  We can use them to shift the way reality, or at least our perceptions of it, is.



Through this knowledge, through this thing that we are all connected with, we can know, KNOW, that we can change the way that things are.  It’s not about belief.  It’s not about faith.


It is about KNOWING.



Topic 3 :  Difference between belief and knowing


Belief will take you places.

Faith is an offshoot of belief.

KNOWING is something else, entirely.

Knowing is the key to it all.  The key to understanding.  The key to moving past “hoping” things will change, and making them change, because the changes have already occurred.




Topic 4 :  So what to do with it?


So what to do with this knowledge/  What to do with the tools in your hands?


What NOT to do, really.


The dark masters know and understand these things, at a fundamental level.  They want you to not KNOW that this power is in your hands.


They don’t want you to know that you are a creative force, that you are the change that you want to see.


They want to keep you in fear.  In faith.  Faith, by its very definition, is not KNOWING.


Faith, at its core, means that you don’t KNOW that a thing is real, or that a thing exists or that a circumstance has happened.  You just believe that it has.


Sure, that can be powerful, but it leaves a place for a spark of doubt.


And that is not kNOWING.


Do you see the difference?


On Late Night in the Midlands on Saturday nights, the Red Pill Reality show airs, with host Riscalla Stephen.


Sometimes on his show, he talks about prayer, and about a particular instance of prayer that had some definite dramatic results.


In the video, a woman, a cancer sufferer, has exhausted all of her other avenues and basically has been told there is nothing that could be done.
She traveled to China, and there, met 3 “doctors”, who were, essentially, healers by the laying on of hands.


The video shows an ultrasound of the tumors inside of her, which are huge.  It is a split view, with the one side showing a view of the tumor as it was, and the other side showing a real time view of the tumor rapidly disappearing as they chant.



Before this procedure began, they told her that the only way that this works is if she knew that it had already happened and that the tumors were gone, already, before they had even begun.


This is just one example, although a dramatic one, of healing that can be done through prayer, intentions, thoughts, whatever.


We ARE energy, and we are constantly creating the reality around us that we “see”.  I use quotes there, because, in reality, we don’t even see all that there is.


Our senses are not all of existence.  Not by a long shot.


So what to do with it all?


You can choose to use it to the benefit of all, or you can choose to use it for the dark masters.

Or, do nothing at all.  which seems to be a waste of potential.

This ISN’T about the power of positive thinking.  That’s not the idea.  It’s about all things being in balance.

it’s about rediscovering who we really are and what we are capable of.

It’s about knowing that the power of creation is in your hands and that you really can make a difference.

Stop thinking negative.  You don’t have to seek out the drak things.  There are enough of those right now (and always) that they will simply come to you.

You funnel it into yourself when you do.

Instead, understand that you are connected to everything.  We are all one.  We are all energy, all of which came from one originating source and all of us are deeply, deeply connected because of it.

 Don’t use your creative energy to bring people down.  Lift them up, instead.


In prayer.  In meditation.  In your thoughts.  In your intentions.

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