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Open Eyes 028 Think Your Vote Will Change Things?

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The midterm elections just passed and we have new players involved on the scene.  But if you think that this changes things, think again.

We cut through the crap and get to the heart of the matter.


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The Results of the Election


People are voting for the kind of country they want to live in, and there are different views about what kind of country we should have.
Jonathan Haidt


So the United States just had the midterm elections. You could look at them as being a bit of a good news, bad news situation, I guess.

Some of the good things? Harry Reid is no longer the controller of the Senate.

This is a Good Thing. That man did more to hinder the progress of people than, I think, any other leader in the history of the Congress.

I mean, have you seen some of that guys track record>?

It’s insane.


The Dirt on Dirty Harry


How about this nugget?

Have you been impacted adversely by Obamacare? The fact is, LOTS of people have been.

You would not be alone on the long, and growing longer, list of those that have been directly impacted in a very negative way, by Obamacare.

Well. I hate to break it to you. But you are a liar.

]Yep. You’re lying. At least, according to Harry Reid.

“Despite all that good news, there’s plenty of horror stories being told,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America.”

Did you hear much about that?

Nope. Wasn’t really played much on the Mainstream Media. That would go against the party line.

He has been an influence peddler so much and so often that he has made Judicial Watch’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” list multiple times.


One particular sticky spot is the Chinese solar company issue. His son, Rory, is a principal member of the bard for the law firm representing ENN Energy Group.

As Reuter’s reported on August 31, 2012, “Reid has been one of the project’s most prominent advocates, helping recruit the company during a 2011 trip to China and applying his political muscle on behalf of the project in Nevada. His son, a lawyer with a prominent Las Vegas firm that is representing ENN, helped it locate a 9,000-acre (3,600-hectare) desert site that it is buying well below appraised value from Clark County, where Rory Reid formerly chaired the county commission.”


“Well below market value” That is, to say the least, an understatement.

The property was assessed at between 29 million and 39 million dollars. Yet, it was actually purchased for just 4.5 million dollars.

And, of course, there is a lot of theory surrounding that very issue with the Bundy ranch situation.

I won’t go into it here, but, suffice it to say, there are a lot of people out there talking about Reid’s involvement in that issue, and how it seems strange to see him SO heavily involved in a situation that is outside his purview and that just so happens to be in the same area that the ENN group was going to be working their mojo in.

I mean, calling supporters of Bundy “domestic terrorists” kinda takes the cake for me.

“It is an issue we cannot let go, just walk away from,” he said.

How about this, again, from Judicial Watch…

But, of course, funneling money to the Reid family is nothing new for the Senate Majority Leader. As the Washington Post reported in a February 7, 2012, story titled “Public projects, private interests:”

In 2004 and 2005, the Senate majority leader secured $21.5 million to build a bridge over the Colorado River, linking the gambling resort town of Laughlin, Nev., with Bullhead City, Ariz. Reid owns 160 acres of undeveloped land in Bullhead City.

And according to Peter Schweizer, writing for Fox News on December 12, 2012, “Sen. Reid has sponsored at least $47 million in earmarks that directly benefitted organizations that one of his sons, Key Reid, [RW1] either lobbies for or is affiliated with.

And these are just a FEW of his shady dealings and suspicious activities.

And yet, he was, once again, voted back into office.

When are people going to freaking LEARN?

IT doesn’t stop there.

At least, at this point, we have Nasty, er, Nazi, oh shoot I can’t get her name right… NANCY Pelosi out. She was a nightmare to behold, I tell ya.


Why We’re Screwed…


But, the problem is, there were way more than a majority of people re-elected into office during this midterm election.

Sure. The GOP “won” this time around. But do you really think that is going to make a difference?

You have heard me say, time and time again, that they are all just 2 sides of the same coin.

Did you vote, this time around?

Did you re-elect someone again? An incumbent of yours get voted abck in?

Take a look around you. Do you see any problems happening?

Do you see any issues going on that need to be solved?

So why did you vote back in the same people that either helped make things worse, or, at best, did nothing at all?

And you think it is going to be different this time around?

Remember Albert Einstein? Pretty smart fella.

He said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, and expect a different result each time.

I stand by that definition, as well.

You cannot vote for an incumbent and expect that anything is going to become different.

It’s going to change nothing. Hell, if nothing else, if we are on a downhill slide because of their actions, we’re just in for even worse.

makes sense, right?

Did you just vote down the party line? See the little “D” there? Or maybe the “R”, and just slap that button to make them get in there?

You know that’s about the most foolish thing you an do, right?

I’m with Jesse Ventura on his idea of how voting should be done. Don’t put a party designation beside the names. Let people actually figure out who the people are that they are voting for.

Or, how about this… if someone wants to vote, they should pass a test first, which will test whether they have at least a working knowledge of the candidate they are going to be voting for.

But no, they won’t do that. That would be the smart way to do things.

I mean, people, if you are voting people into office that will then do their damnedest to take away my rights, I would really appreciate that you at least KNEW that they stood for that before you put them in.


Why These Things Are Happening


You know, maybe part of the issue is that, when we educate people while in school, we don’t teach them the facts of life.

We teach them figures. We teach them how to read and write. To maybe pass a test (barely) showing that they have learned to repeat everything that is told to them.

But we throw these 18 year olds out there with no clue about how to handle their finances, how to research and learn for themselves, what the real issues in the world are today, when 30 days earlier we made them ask for permission to go to the bathroom.

Those people age, being “programmed” by the television and the media to be a certain way, or to think a certain way. I mean, look at the words they use. “Programmed”. That’s an agenda, people.

That is them, telling you in plain sight, what it is all about.

But I digress.

We see them watching TV, being programmed by the media, by the entertainment system to think and act in certain ways. To fill roles that we want them to fit into. To be good little minions as the machine keeps us moving forward.

They grow older, they vote, they follow the party lines or the agendas that have been brainwashed into them, and then, their children are born. And they grow, learning the same things their parents learned, with the same methodologies (passed on to the education system by the Nazi party through Operation Paperclip).

And we start the whole process over again.

Meanwhile, the power players sit back and laugh as they count their money, count their slaves, and play a wonderfully huge and complex game of chess with all of us as the pawns.

If it weren’t so dark, I’d call it elegant.


Think Things Will Change?


“Oh the GOP won,” I have heard people say. “We can finally start making some changes!”

How many times has the GOP won in the past? Did it change anything?

How many times did the democrats win in the past? Did it change anything?

Nope. More of the same.

Meanwhile, we have good old Barack “Golfed My 200th Game” Obama telling us lies after lies, smiling the whole time, while the Supreme Court decides if he is really Above the Law.

Think anything will change?

Yeah. let me know when that happens.

It’s all distractions, people. It’s all about showing you one hand, while the other hand stabs you in the back, while yet another hand controls those hands’ strings.

And another in control of those. And another in control of those.

You wonder why the Pyramid is so important to these people (and i use that term loosely)? It’s because that is just how they operate.

What you see, the political hacks that are before you, are just the next level above the bottom.

You are on the bottom. They are slightly above you.

Above them? Yet another level. Those would be the “elites” that you hear so much about.

But above them? Yep, there’s more. And more above those. And more above those.

And at the top?

Why do you think the capstone is missing? There is no top.

At least, none that we would understand. Not yet, anyhow.

That’s why the eye is there. Ever watchful, ever baleful. Ever seeing what we, the little ants below, are up to.


Should You Stop Voting?


Am I saying not to vote?

Nope. I am just saying that you should not expect that if you do things the same way, without educating yourself, without knowing what you are doing, you’re wasting your time. You’re wasting your efforts.

You see, everything we do, every day, is a vote. It’s a decision we make, at every moment, for love or fear.

The more we choose fear (And believe me, that is what they want you to pick), the more dark we see in this world. The more negative energy forces surround us.

The more “in their bailiwick” we get.

Make decisions for the positive, for love, and you will see this world act very differently.

Now, no, it won’t happen overnight. And it won’t happen with just you being that way.

There has been a LOT of energy, of the negative type, involved to get us where we are rigth now. It will take just as much opposing energy, of the opposite type, to get us to a different place.

But we CAN get there. That is the point. We weren’t always this way.

We’ve been changed, and not for the better.

I came from a very religious background.

I have heard, so many times, and still do today, people saying “Things will get better. God is in control.”

Always looking for the future. Always staring ahead, instead of looking at their feet and seeing the pit they are walking into.

God gave us the ability to see, to hear, t look around us and to know the signs of the times. To know that things are happening around us that need to be changed.

If you are looking for some future event to happen that will “Clean up the world”, then you are doing things completely wrong.


It Is All About NOW


It’s not about the future. It is about right NOW. It is not about the past. It is about RIGHT NOW.

What you do, in THIS MOMENT, impacts the next moment, and all future moments.

If you are spending this moment in time worrying, or scared, or cheating on your wife, or lying to your boss about why you’re not coming in to work, or telling your kids that their father is a piece of crap that doesn’t need to be in their lives, or any of a billion other things that you could be doing to fed the darkness, to bring the dark side to life, is a moment that they, the dark entities, the ones that are trying to and vying for control of the world, crave.

They feed off of it. They are like vampires, in a way.

If, however, you are spending it in love, in a moment of peace, in a moment of life affirming actions, in a moment of giving your child a kiss and telling them that everything in the world is their oyster, or giving a sandwich to a homeless person, or any of a billion other things you could be doing that serve the light side, serve the positive, is a moment that those same dark entities fight against.

They do everything they can to make you feel useless, vulnerable and scared. Why? Because they know that you are a beautiful, creative force in the universe and that all of creation lies in your hands.

Take that idea from you and there goes your power.

It’s not about the future. It is about what you create, right here and right now, that make the difference.


Stop looking forward. Look around.



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