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Open Eyes 026 Jailed For Charity

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A 90 year old man was arrested for giving someone food, and more, on this episode of Open Eyes!


The following are the show notes used in the recording of this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.




Arrested For Helping

Recently, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida mayor and city commissioners put forward a new ordinance to be followed in the town: feed a homeless person, go to jail.

This new ordinance went into effect as of November 1, 2014.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida has quite a large homeless problem.

Fort Lauderdale has a controversial track record when it comes to its treatment of homeless residents. In September, the city passed a different measure that banned sleeping, or “camping,” within the downtown area, as well as an ordinance prohibiting panhandling at busy intersections, the Sun Sentinel reported.

Those laws are punishable by up to 60 days in jail or a $500 fine, or both.

Now, first of all, let me ask a question here.

What kind of people are you electing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Are you really that heartless as to put people into these positions, knowing their track record?

Do you not realize, that, by living in that area, and electing these people, you are tying yourself to their actions?

The followup question to that should be obvious. What if it happened to you?

What if, somehow, and God forbid it does, you were to become homeless? You realize how easy that can be to happen to you, right?

Let me put it this way. No one wakes up in the morning, thinking, “Oh, I think today I am going to be homeless for a while. Just for the kicks of it.”

No. Homelessness is quite a horrible experience. I know that first-hand.

It’s demeaning and demoralizing, and it makes you not want to face another day.

And no, I was not homeless because I was some addict or some lazy schmo that didn’t want to go get a job, or any of the other straw man arguments that you may put up.

I was homeless because the company I worked for went under, I was laid off, and I had been living paycheck to paycheck.

Yep. It’s that easy.

And once you are down? It’s dang hard to get back up again.

I was lucky enough to get away from it swiftly, but there are many out there that are not that lucky. Many out there who fall into the cracks of society and are never seen again.

So then we have the kind of BS that I am talking about with this Fort Lauderdale business.

Here you have a city that has officially declared war on the homeless. They have, literally, made it illegal to be homeless.

And then they stand there with fancy, expensive suits, oozing the dark negativity from their charming, smarmy smiles.

They are darn proud of themselves, patting themselves on the back at what a good job they have done eliminating the homeless problem.

But what did they do to fix it? All they did, quite literally, is sweep it under the rug.


Homelessness Swept Under The Rug


Oh you people down there must be proud of it all. There’s no one marching out of their beautiful, cozy homes to protest this stuff. There’s no one coming forward to shame them for what they have done.

It’s all pats and smiles. Pats and smiles.

Meanwhile, there are people standing on the streets, starving and tired, asking for some help.

There ARE those down there that are helping. There are those down there that are still handing out food and helping people out.

Bless them, and I thank them for doing so. With all of my heart.

But, of course, out come the little police force, arresting those evil charitable people. Those horrible, dangerous criminals! Like that 90 year old man over there! GET HIM! Lock up that dangerous seditionist!

Yep, I am not joking about that, folks. A 90 year old man, that has been feeding the homeless down there for the past 20 years, was one of the first to feeel the sting of the handcuffs around his wrists for DARING to do something NICE for someone.

He, and 2 ministers that were with him, feeding the homeless in a public place, now face 60 days in jail and a $500 fine for doing it.

What horrible, ugly, people we have become.

What nasty, vile creatures we must look to those that are looking within our little planet here.

You know, it’s no wonder the aliens have not come forward to give us help with all of our troubles. Don’t expect them any time soon as long as we allow this kind of vile excuse for “help” to continue.

They won’t do it. We have to clean up our own messes.

Seriously, though, guys. If you are waiting for the end times to come, look no further. They’re already here. We’re already in it. These pieces of filth on the backside of planet earth are bringing us one step closer to the goal of us becoming sslavering sycophants to the dark masters.

Think that’s heavy on the drama?

It’s the truth.

Every Christian, if nothing else, should be standing up in arms, shouting about charity and love, over this disgusting stuff. Isn’t that one of the big features of Christianity?

I mean, come on, people. 90 years old and being jailed for giving a guy a sandwich.


The Media Should Be Shamed Along With All The Others


What kind of lock stepping Nazi bull crap IS this?

Every media outlet worth its salt should be down there at every one of these handing out daily events, recording all of the police actions that take place, and showing them on the nightly national news, naming and shaming the mayor, the council, and every police officer involved.

But, no, they won’t do that. It’s not newsworthy enough.

Instead, the newest Lady Gaga escapade is going to be all the rage, and oh look at what Kate Upton is doing, and oh look the latest news on Fifty Shades of Grey is coming out!

Gotta watch it all! That’s important news!

It just sickens me.

We have become a country of aggressively ignorant and abjectly cowardly people, and no one seems to give a damn about it.

No one even seems to notice it.

Instead of talking about how the homeless problem will not go away until we do something REAL about it, we stuff our faces with seven layer burritos and drinks that contain more liquid than the human stomach can hold.

It’s sick.

We’re sick.

It’s no wonder we’re in so much trouble.


Somewhere That IS Helping Homelessness


So let’s talk about some REAL stuff here.

Did you know that for every single homeless person in America, there are 10 vacant homes, just sitting there and waiting, BEGIN, to be filled?

Why don’t we do something RIGHT and start housing these homeless people?

Why don[‘t we do something CHARITABLE and start actually SOLVING the issues, instead of sweeping them under the rug?

Why? Because then, ewww, you might have to look at someone that’s dirty.

Or ewww, you might have to allow THOSE PEOPLE to come into your neighborhood.

No one wants that! Go to the shelters. That’s what they are there for, after all.

No, most people out there will support people like Tom Bower. He;s a state representative for Hawaii that went around Waikiki with a sledgehammer, destroying the shopping carts used by homeless people.

He says he was “disgusted” by the city’s homeless problem.

I am “disgusted” by his actions.

How about instead of destroying the means that these people have to live, you actually DO something useful and solve the homeless problem?

You’re a state representative. You could easily come up with ways to help out. You know, like, maybe, figure out ways to shelter them? Feed them? Give them assistance in fnding work and places to live?

Nope. You’ll just sweep it under the rug.

You helped no one.

Guys tike that need to have an instant karma lesson by being dragged out to the front lawn of the state capital, stripped naked and left in a stock.

Same with any police officer that enforces that “law” **cough** in Fort Lauderdale.

There IS one ray of hope with all of this. One place that seems to actually be doing the right thing, or, at least, trying to.

Utah has taken action against the homeless. They are solving the homeless problem by giving the homeless homes.

In eight years, Utah has reduced homelessness by 78 percent and is on an arc to eliminating homelessness within the state by 2015.

After doing some math, Utah figured out that, instead of paying out 16000 per person in emergency room visits, providing each homeless person an apartment and social workers costs them only 11,000 per person.

Wow. And their problems relating to homeless issues have dropped significantly.

Imagine that! Helping people out can actually solve problems!

What a concept!

If you have spent any time listening to my previous episodes, you should know that i am all about caring for people, loving each other and being deeply connected with one another.

This is just one way of doing so, and I think that it’s great.

I think that every state should look into doing something similar.

Why not?

Maybe if they did so, less 90 year old men would be arrested for handing someone a damn sandwich. Maybe then they could actually concentrate on some REAL problems.

Like what Lady Gaga is going to wear next.


What’s Next?


What’s next, Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Are you going to start rounding these homeless dogs up and taking them to the pound?

That’s what you do to dogs like the homeless, right?

That’s how you treat each other, right?

Seems so, according to you.

What hateful, vile, despicable examples of humanity you really are.

It’s sick, it’s inhumane and it’s gotta stop. Right here, right now. Before this cancer starts spreading everywhere.

SPEAK OUT, people. Use your voices, use your skills and talents and charity to do some good for once.

Help out where help is needed.

These guys are not looking for handouts. They are looking fro hand-ups.

None of them want to be where they are.

And I just really hope that it never happens to you or someone you love.

But, Karma has a way of paying back debts, whether you like it or not.

Do the right thing, folks.

Ah well, everything in the country is fine, though, right? I mean, the fact that so many people in this country think that things are fine is a testament to the power of the human mind and it’s ability to gloss over everything.

People still think that we live in a just and free nation, after all.


21 Other Cities Do It Too


Now, to be fair, I know I am bashing on Fort Lauderdale here. They are not the only ones to have this kind of law on the books. There are 21 other cities across America to have similar things going on.

And in each one of them, there are people still out there and still feeding the homeless. They are risking their time, businesses and lives doing it. And yes, I mean their lives.

We all know how trigger happy these cops have gotten of late. All it will take is some 90 year old man waving his cane at one f them to have them go off the handle and blow the oldd terrorist away.

Every single person that votes to put one of thee laws into place, or even supports them, for that matter, needs to be named and shamed. They need to be held accountable for their actions.

And that’s only going to happen by taking action, people.


It Could Be You


You could very well be next.

Love each other, guys. Charity is the most important thing we can do for each other. It’s the ultimate expression of love, of compassion, of empathy for your fellow.

We treat dogs in this country better than we treat the homeless. Even more shameful is that a large percentage of the homeless are veterans.

Love each other. We are all that we’ve got.



If you would like to hear an interview with Arnold Arnett, the 90 year old man arrested for his charity, you can go to my good friends at Late Night In The Midlands.  It was an excellent first-hand telling of all of the bull that is surrounding this law.



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