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Open Eyes 021 The Most Important One – Reality Bytes

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Why are we here? What is the purpose of the Universe? What is reality and what is duality?

These are a couple of the questions that have plagued humanity since the beginning.  We figure out what some of those answers are, right here on Open Eyes!


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 The Duality of Reality

For as long as humanity has existed, we have searched to find the answers to what we are… where we have come from… what is the nature of reality?

We are a species that has suffered from amnesia for almost the entire time it has existed.

So much evidence has shown that we are not just derived from some primal primate species, but that we have some higher potential, some higher purpose.

And that we, as a species, have been here far longer than modern science tries to claim.

one of the questions that has plagued us is, what is the nature of ourselves? Are we good, but do bad things? Or are we evil beings, fallen from grace, and trying to push our way back to the gates of heaven, so to speak?

Therein lies the question of our duality, and whether we are simply a species that has clawed its way up to the top of the food chain, or are here to be droplets of the universe, consciously existing to experience all the things that the nature of reality has to offer.


Are we dual-minded?

There IS a lot of evidence to show that, yes, we are, indeed.

We have a brain, and that brain has certain characteristics that are designed for our survival. Tings like the fight or flight instinct, for instance, lends credence to the idea that we were once something lesser, and this is a vestigial remnant of that time in our dark prehistory.

Yet, we are also conscious beings. We think, we feel and we act according to those thoughts and feelings. Science has not come up with an explanation for the conscious mind, nor how it developed and functions.

So that brings about a great number of questions, does it not?

Are we more than simply the sum of our parts, as spiritual traditions would claim? Or are we simply the body going through the motions of being alive, from one generation to the next?

Most people try to say that, when it comes to the duality of our natures, it is simply a matter of good versus evil. That there are negative things, and all negative things are evil and only fulfill evil purposes, while positive experiences and events are inherently good.

That is, simply, not the case.


An Event is, much like information, neither positive or negative.

It just “is.”

How we react to these things, however, IS positive or negative. Whether as individuals or as a species, we can and do react positively and negatively to events.

And yet, the events themselves, whether it is a car driving down a road, or a building falling after a terrorist attack, are neither aspect.

How we view them or react to them is.

You see, it’s all a matter of perspective. Positive things can come from negative things, it is just a matter of how you look, at whether you perceive, those aspects of it.

You see, we are all walking down the middle of a road…

(road story)

So, you see, we are always in the middle, perched between these two aspects of reality. We can change our view at any time, if we so desire.

Now, one small problem that occurs is this…

Science has found that, as a default, we tend to look towards the negative. This is because it is a survival instinct, built into the brain.

You can refer to my previous episode, Forgiveness and the Insane Mind, for an in depth analysis of how the mind works against us in it’s fight to survive, but, in short…

The mind is always focused on one thing, and one thing only. Survival. It will strive to keep you in the mode you are currently in, no matter how much stress you have, worry you have, what dangers you are in, or what problems are occurring, because it is focused only on keeping you alive.

That is its’ purpose.

So, because of that, we have a difficult time changing the way we look at things. We are alive, and if we viewed things differently, we’d die. At least, according to our mind.

Everything that has occurred with you up until this very moment has brought you to be alive, and your mind will not want you to change things, because you will die.

So you see, to me, duality is not some aspect of good vs evil within us, as many spiritual traditions teach. Instead, it is a fight against ourselves, a stand between our conscious and our unconscious.

We have always got the choice between looking at the negative or looking at the positive. We have always got the choice of deciding that we will change the way we live and function, because we have free will, and the ability to decide for ourselves our own fate.

Not to be constrained by what the mind is doing, in it’s fight to keep us alive, but, rather, to go forward with the thought that we can choose to choose.

We don’t have to live by instinct, alone. That is for brutes.

We ARE a part of the universe. We are made of the very essence of it, are we not?

We carry with us the atoms of creation, and we can choose to think of ourselves in that way, as opposed to being controlled by what we don’t even understand.


You are being used…

You see, there are those out there that would use you. They would abuse you. They would take advantage of your un-ness and your lack of thought.

These people, these brutes, these dark masters of this world, want you to not know that you are something else. They do not want you to understand that you are outside of yourself.

They do not want you to realize that the universe and all things within it are one giant computer, and that you are playing a game on one of the many multitudes of computers connected to it.

That is the true nature of reality. All things are interconnected together in the universe by a wonderfully complex computer code. That you, as the being that you are, are a computer operating system, with many apps and games installed, each of which contributes to you as a whole.

Just like any computer game, you can change what you are doing at any time. You can turn the game off and load up a different one. You can tweak your settings so that you have the best game you can possibly have.

But, no, the dark masters, these hackers that have invaded our systems, don’t want you to realize that.

Instead, they have installed virus after virus on you, overloading your system and stealing your data, your very life force, your power supply, to augment their own and to create the game that they want to play.

They understand the nature of the game. They understand the way the reality simulator works. They understand, and they use it against you.

Remember I said that there are things that science has found within us, those pre-programmed trigger effects that can be done at any given moment, depending on the circumstance?

The dark masters, the powers that be, whatever name you want to call them, they know this too. And they use it against you at all turns.

Look at the media. Look how they play you, every time you turn on the TV, listen to the radio or look a a magazine.

It’s always pushing an agenda. There is no real news. There is only the agenda, whatever buzzword terms they are using that week.



Look at right now. It’s all Ebola Ebola Ebola. Crisis crisis crisis.

Yet, the reality of the situation is far less dramatic than they would have you believe.

FEAR! Why are you not afraid? FEAR IT ALL!

You are not afraid! There must be something wrong with you! You are a conspiracy theorist!

Here! Have some drugs! You are laughing too much! Have this drug, that will make you stop laughing!

Oh, there’s side effects? Here, have some more drugs to counter those side effects. Warning, the side effect curing medicine might kill you or you might bleed a little from your butt. But that’s okay, isn’t it? Now you’re normal.

Now you’re conforming. Good little minion. You will do well in our new world we are creating for you.

Oh, you don’t like that thought?> Here, have some more.

Oh this one is waking up a little! Here! Watch Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video! It’s totally original except for all of the parts that were rehashed from previous things.

Watch the video! She’s shaking her butt, isn’t that enticing? Ooh! Now you can join the other 250 million people that have watched it in the 2 weeks since it’s been released.

Do you see? Do you see?

They love to distract, to pull you away from the deeper thoughts, from the things that they know would end them in a heartbeat.

They don’t want us to know these things. They have been doing it to us since the beginning.


Priests of Chaos and Blight

They were once the priest classes, doling out to the great unwashed masses what they claimed God wanted them to know. They spoke words that God will destroy them if they did not do exactly as the priests said.

“Bring us our dinner!” they said, as they demanded that the sacrifices be made.

Oh, God said that the first portion would go to him. That went into the fire, sacrificed to appease the Gods that brought us sins.

The rest went to the priests. They, the ones sitting in sanctimonious halos and hypocritical words, they, who would fatten themselves off of the work of the laborers.

Oh, but they were there to SAVE them. They were there to make sure that all of our souls went on to the heavenly estates, or to Valhalla, or to the Elysian Fields.

They still do that today, living off of the tithes of the congregations, making sure to fill you up with the thought that you are sinful and that you will surely perish…

They just have to have that 10%.

But it is not jut the pastors and priests. Those are old world leftovers, hangouts for the people that need to have their religious beliefs.

Not that I am knocking those, mind. I just know how the priests operate.

What thy do with religion is not what you do.

No, the new “priests” are the purveyors of the “now.” The “If you don’t have this RIGHT NOW you’ll be doomed!” mind set that is surrounding us was created by these men in black, these dark masters, tehse puppet masters that control the strings.

They, the ones with the real knowledge of how reality works, those that know and understand the truths of our origins, those are the ones controlling the masses throught he media, through the politics, through everything that causes us to be divided, losing the sense of what is really real.


The Reality of Reality

That reality is that we are all connected, all together, in this thought experiment that the universe is running.

We are intimately connected together, forever traveling through the universe at light speed. We are all breathing the same air, the same energies pass through us, the same emotions that i feel are the same emotions you feel. We are all one.

Stop being divided by them. Stop letting the priests of Chaos and Blight rule you. Stop believing the lies.

You don’t need someone to tell you that you are the same as someone else, you don’t need to have someone tell you that what you say or do to someone else, impacts you as well.

You know these things, because that is a universal truth.

That is the true reality. That is what it means to be here.

We are all just playing this elaborate game, set up to explore what it means to be human, to think and to feel, to love and to lose. We are all here to learn and experience and grow.

Those dark ones? Those Priests of Chaos and Blight?

They are trying to cheat. Will you let them keep cheating at the game?

Don’t divide yourself, don’t let them win. Don’t let them make you think that you are any better or worse than anyone else.

All of us are equal. All of us live, breathe and die, and all of us think and feel in the same ways.

Remember, information is neither positive or negative. It just is. What you do with it is what changes who you are and how you will be for the rest of your days here.

Don’t let those days be planned out by someone other than yourself. Wake up to the things going on around you!

Stand up against the things going on around you!

Speak the truth, and know that no matter what, you did what, in the end, is the right thing to do.

To do otherwise, to hide the truth and to make yourself better than anyone else makes you into, “oohh I have s secret! I can’t tell you, because you’re not ready for it!”

Oh but you’ll reveal it for the low price of 39.95, right?

You’ll lead people to the promised land for the cheap price of 3 eay payments of 1/3 of their soul each.

We already have enough priests. We need more God.


  1. Great show! I’m a new listener and you definitely have my eyes and ears, opened and tuned into your show. I got started with ” reality bites” podcast and definitely needed the conformation on my feelings of this subject after growing up not only black in America, but religious! After entering into the “secular” world, things didn’t seem to be adding up from what I was taught about God, sin, punishment and forgiveness. So I started doing my own investigation and studying and kept running, not only into the “good and (vs.) evil” but how topsy turvey things seems to be! Again, thanks for the podcast and I look forward to listening and supporting the show!

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment!

      I am glad that you found us and were able to come away from it helped. There really has been so much over the years that we have been tricked about, and that has been hidden away from us “little guys,” so much so that it is hard to cut through everything and into some truth.

      I deeply appreciate hearing that you enjoyed what we have to offer.

      Thank you so much! 🙂

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