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Open Eyes 016 Ebola Czar Says Overpopulation Biggest Problem

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Our new Ebola Czar, Ron Klain, says that overpopulation is the biggest issue facing the world today.  The man in charge of Ebola in America has deep ties that go to radical environmentalists, political cronyism and the banking system.

His only ties to healthcare is as an investment leader into health management companies.

In other news, Obama golfed his 200th game, so I guess America is okay, after all, right?



The following are the show notes used to record this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.



Political Hack Lawyer in charge of Ebola

A few episodes ago, I spoke about Ron Klain (wiki link) being put into the position of Ebola Czar by Obama.

I wanted to go into exactly what this means for us, as a nation, and, perhaps, worldwide, in terms of the possibilities, and go into some facts taht you may not know about the whole situation.

First, and if you listened to that previous episode, you probably heard me say this part, I have a big problem with the term “czar” here.

The definition of a czar is an emperor or king, an autocratic leader, and it implies absolute power as well as crony-ism and corruption.

Honestly, a better term Obama could not use.

The people of Russia rose up against the system that held Czars in power and put a new one into place. Granted, most will not agree with that new system of governance, but, still, it happened. That’s historical fact.

Whenever I hear the term “czar” being used in relation to people that are put in charge of something in America and American politics, I can’t help but think that there’s something seriously wrong here.


Especially so in relation to Ron Klain

What do we know about this guy? Is he a medical professional who can lead the fight against Ebola in this country and ensure that we can progress ahead, maybe even leading to a cure?

Nope. He’s a hack lawyer with strong ties to radical environmentalists and the banking system.

He was Chief of Staff fro not only Joe “Do Nothing” Biden, he was also Chief of staff for Al “Carbon Tax” Gore while he was Vice President.

He was there during the Senate investigation of Clarence Thomas.

He was responsible for passing out all of the money (literally signing the checks) that went to the bankers during the bailouts. He signed the checks that went to Solyndra before that disaster went away.

Klain is currently President of Case Holdings and General Counsel of Revolution, an investment group.

Case Holdings – part of The Case Foundation (Steve and Jean Case of AOL) who are involved in The Water for People Program in Africa safe water solutions in Africa

Case Holdings, by the way, has investments in Extend Health, a health care solutions provider for Fortune 500 companies out of Washington, D.C.

And the investment group Revolution is also involved in investments with Extend Health.

As I said, he was Chief of Staff for Al Gore, who is very well known for his extremist environmental views. This guy, too, has some pretty crazy views, including claiming that Overpopulation is the biggest problem the world faces right now.



Really, Klain? Overpopulation is our biggest issue?

Maybe he should listen to my previous episode, Environmentalists, Protests and a Better Way? In that episode, I go over a lot of methods that could be used to radically shift the way the world functions right now, making it a better place for everyone.

As well as stating the fact that, if we were to live as densely as we do in Manhattan, all of the population of humanity could fit into New Zealand.

That leaves a whole lot of room for everything else to be put together, doesn’t it?

But, I digress.

Here’s what disturbs me the most about all of this.

We have a guy, a known proponent of depopulation ideas, with ties ties to the financial backbone of the health care industry, and who has been deeply involved with helping the banking system take the American peoplle apart, in charge of handling the Ebola problem.

Why does this not boost my confidence?

Why is the Surgeon General not in charge of the issue? Why not put someone with at least a MODICUM of medical expertise into the position?


Why? Because it’s all a game.

It’s all there as a distraction, a way for them to say, “Oh, we’re doing something about the situation,” while throwing the real people that coulkd help things under the bus and make sure that everything gets as freaked up as possible in the whole mess.

That’s why.

of course, there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s all fractal, like everyhing else in the world. But that doesn’t mean that it may not be on the forefront of their agendas.

Oh, and one more thing that Ron Klain did?

He convinced the government that Fannie Mae was just fine and was not doing anything wrong, just before the housing bubble burst.

Are we doomed to have a repeat of that situation?

“No Ebola here, boss! Everything is juuuuuust fine.”


Speaking of Games…

Speaking of Games, just a week or so ago, Obama celebrated a record breaking achievement. He is the first sitting president to golf 200 games while in office.

I went into this fact a little bit before, as well, but I wanted to bring it up again, here, because it shows the depths of ineptitude that are the keystone of this administration.

200 golf games.

Let’s break that down a little bit.

An average SHORT golf game can take about 2 hours to play, if done quickly and with no distractions. A lot of times, it’s more like 4 hours, but let’s even just go with 2 hours for this example.

What that means is that, while he has been sitting as the President, he has spent, at a BARE MINIMUM, 400 hours golfing.

400 hours. Meanwhile, crisis after crisis have come up and he campaigns and golfs. Campaign and golf.

Oh. And fundraise, too. Can’t forget that one.

Back to the point.

You’ve got to figure that each of his games, which, by the way, have cost the American people, literally, MILLIONS of dollars, will take at least a 24 hour period. This includes travel time, play time, food time, staying a the resorts and such time, etc.

This means that, JUST for him, there have been over 4800 hours invested into his playing golf while President.

Am I overestimating here? Maybe, but its still the point. This is a ridiculous situation.

It’s akin to Marie Antoinette telling the great unwashed masses to eat cake. Or Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns.

And yet, the people of America still say nothing. They still do nothing.

Oh, wait. That’s the fluoride. Sorry. Forgot about that part, too.

And please, don’t start thinking that I am Republican and just looking froa chance to Obama bash.


I am not politically affiliated in any way. I call bull crap when I see it.


I don’t care what someone says they are affiliated with. It’s all the same coin that is being flipped. There are no political parties that do not owe their existence to the shadow groups out there. All of them have been bought and paid for long ago by the crony-ism and ties that bind them.

Meanwhile, the powers that be laugh behind them, pulling the strings of all of their good little puppets, and making sure that none of us are paying attention to the hand that is holding out the gun, or the virus, or the whip and chain.


When will people learn?

When will people learn that we do not need a ruler? We do not need to be “governed”. What we need is to realize that each of us is a sacred, divine being, that is here to experience love, to experience life, and to experience wonder?

We do have that choice, you know. We do have the ability to stand up and say “no more.” It’s just a matter of finding your voice, and using it.

The darkness despises light. Stop living in the darkness and shine brightly, my friends.



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