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Open Eyes 015 Environmentalists, Protests, and a Better Way

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Radical environmentalists are funny people.  They keep telling us that there are too many people and that we are a virus that needs to be eliminated from the natural equation.

But the fact is, there are NOT too many people on the planet.  What the people DO is the problem.

In this episode, we talk about these things, as well as the fact that protesting does no one any good, and we explore REAL SOLUTIONS to the problems that face us today.


The following are the show notes used in the recording of this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.


Environmentalists Do It All Wrong

I was prompted to do this episode because, as I was surfing around the Internet, reading and studying, I ran across a picture put out by the website natureisspeaking.org.

The picture says, “By 2050, the global population will reach 9 billion people.  If we don’t change the course we’re on, we’ll need two earths to sustain us.  #natureisspeaking”.

I constantly see stuff like this, where different groups are trying to raise awareness about one issue or the other, but things like this, from those that are on the environmentalist side of things, kinda get my goat a bit.

Here’s why.

They constantly claim that we have too many people on the planet right now.  That there’s no way that the planet can sustain this many human beings and that we are going to destroy the planet one day because of it.

Well, look at the wording of things that they use.  “Save the planet.”  “We;’re destroying the planet.”

No, we’re not.  The planet is going to exist as long as it exists.  We might be destroying US, but the planet is going to be just fine.  It’ll continue doing what it has done all along, with or without us.

It’s semantics, I know, but the wording that people use is IMPORTANT.  It’s what causes psychological cues within us to trigger.

See, we have built into ourselves quite a number of pre-programmed responses to certain cues.

If you hear a baby crying, it turns on the instinct to check on it and find out what is wrong.

If you hear a wolf howl, a response in us triggers to make you instantly more aware of your surroundings.

If you hear the phrase, “It’s for the children” or “save the children,” you are pre-programmed to act in response to defend the children.

These things are in us as a survival mechanism, to allow our species to continue.

Well, the same happens with the media and the way that they are constantly pushing things, or seeing images and hearing words that people use continuously.  They are writing a program that enters the computer of your brain and enacts a patch file that will, from that point on, make you react in a certain way (whatever way they are pushing).

So it’s not just a matter of semantics, it’s a matter of reacting to a subject or an event in the way that YOU choose, not the way that someone else is programming you to do.

But I digress…

The fact is, there ARE NOT too many humans on earth.

If the human race lived as densely as they do in Manhattan, the entire human race could fit in New Zealand.

Do you see that?  The state of Texas could hold every one of us, and the rest of the planet would be free and clear of all human beings.

The problem is NOT with how many people there are, it’s with how we LIVE in the areas we do that is the issue.

But not many people acknowledge that.  Not many environmentalists want to lay claim to that fact.

We could be doing things in MUCh different ways than we do now, and NOT have to change the lifestyles that people are used to.  In fact, in every case, the quality of life would improve for every human being in the world.

Let’s get into some facts.


Aquaponics is a way of sustainable farming that uses very little water, very little space, and can grow food more densely and HEALTHIER, than they do in traditional farming methods.

It also saves water, in a big way, which ois something we desperately need in some parts of the world.

Here’s how it works…

(listen for details)

Tiny Houses

With a tiny house, space is compacted and makes use of every square inch of the home.  You would not believe what you can fit into your home once you get rid of all of the extraneous things that you really don’t need.

As George Carlin said, you buy a house to get more stuff, but then you need a bigger house to get even more stuff.  It goe son and on.

Do some research in the tiny home movement and see just what can be done, and with recycled materials, at that.  It’s crazy why it’s not done more often.

Oh, wait, it’s not done more often because of all of the regulations in place that earn the zoning commissions, counties and states more money in permit fees and taxes.

Forgot about that part.

But do you see what can be done? We don’t need less humans, we need the humans that are here to stop being pigs about how they live and do something different.

Which brings me to protesting.

Protesting is stupid and does no good…

I know I probably just pissed some of you off for saying that, but it’s the truth.

Let’s take, again, the environmentalists in this example.  And, when I say environmentalist, I don’t mean those that just want the world to be a cleaner, safer place.  I am talking about the radical ones that want to see us all dead.

You see all of the protesting going on, all of the people out there trying to beat into us filthy humans that we are destroying Gaia and that we all are verminous scum that deserve to die by fiery punishment, and they would love to be the ones that light the fuse.

Or, let’s take another protest example.  Nuclear power plants are often the site of protests, with people trying to get them to shut it all down.

Abortion clinics, churches, mosques, yadda yadda yadda.  Everyone is butthurt and offended by everyone else.  You literally cannot take a step without offending someone,k somewhere.

But, if they were really, REALLY, wanting to change things, instead of protesting everything, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Instead of the hundreds of people standing in front of the nuclear power plant, wasting their time and money trying to shut the place down, when it WILL NOT BE, no matter how much they protest, take those same people and all of the time and money and energy they put into protesting this stuff, and go out and create something new.  Create a new form of energy or prototypes or augment the alternative power sources that people are coming up with.

Don’t waste your time and energy protesting it.  Create something new that would benefit everyone.  Then there would be no NEED for hte nuclear power plant.

And if you are out there protesting things, and drive home in your SUV and stop on the way to your home at McDonald’s and buy your cheeseburger that is 100% all sawdust and chemicals and pink fluffy goo, you are a hypocrite.  You show your true colors.

If you are not living the life that you are screaming at everyone else to live, shut your mouth and go home.  You are just as much a part of the problem as everyone else is.

That, right there, is the biggest problem humanity has right now.  It’s not too many people, it’s too many people that think that they know what’s best and everyone else be damned.  Too many people doing nothing about what needs to be done.

Too many people being armchair protestors, giving lip service to the issues and not going out and doing something about it.

Society is literally falling apart because of it.


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