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Open Eyes 013 Fluoride Is A Neurotoxin – Proof From Doctors

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We are constantly told that Fluoride is great for us.  That it is an essential part of keeping our teeth from decaying and good for our overall dental health.

Are these claims based in reality?

In this episode, we give proof that the dentists and doctors know the real truth.  Fluoride is a known neurotoxin and should be immediately removed from our water supplies and toothpastes.


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What is Fluoride, really?

Many people think that sodium fluoride, or just fluoride, is a healthy additive that has been added to our water supplies, as well as our toothpastes, for many years now, as a way to solve problems with dental hygiene.

According to certain studies done, primarily in the mid to late 1940’s, there was shown to be a decrease in the amount of tooth decay occurring when people were exposed to fluoride, by bruushing or ingesting ir, mixed with other compounds.

So, because of those studies, and certain others that have come along since, we have had a marked increase in the amount of fluoride in our water systems, our toothpastes and even added to certain food products.


Do these studies hold water?

The simple and straightforward answer is, no.

There is much called into question regarding these original studies, including the methods that were used to bring them about, and the data that they showed actually were skewed to show an increase in dental health.

Since that time, we have had many years to study the effects of the fluoride being added to our systems, and, though we have seen an increase in dental health, those increases are due more to the fact that people are more aware of dental health and hygiene now than they were in the past.

In fact, the amount of fluoride that has been added to our systems is so potent that it has caused a lot of issues with over-fluoridation, leading to fluoridosis and toxicity.

You can see it in areas that have been heavily fluoridated, with children’;s teeth being brown and full of holes, and the teeth braking down from the fact that the enamel is being replaced by the fluoride.

75% of the water supply in America has been subjected to fluoridation in some way, most of it complete, with some areas only partially fluoridated.

The Truth about Fluoride

Here’s a little-known-factoid for you.  Did you know that fluoride is now listed as being a heavy neurotoxin?

It’s true.  In fact, it’s listed right along side arsenic, lead, mercury and manganese in the destructive neurotoxicity it can do.

Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity

In the March 2014 issue of The Lancet (which is the oldest and most prestigious journal for medicine), a study was released, called, “Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity.”

In this study, they linked arsenic, mercury, lead, fluoride, manganese and other industrial chemicals to neurological development, and even went so far as to say that developmental disorders, such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and other cognitive issues could have been caused by over-exposure to these chemicals.

They also called for the immediate deeper control of these substances on a global scale.

So why are we being subjected to this one, still, after all of this time and proof that it does not do what they claim?

The real truth…

Fluoride does one thing VERY well.  It causes the calcification of the pineal gland, among other things.

Of course, many people over the ages have linked the pineal gland to being the “third eye” or that it i s the eyes of the soul.

The gland is responsible for a lot of things in us humans.  It is what connects us to spirit, to the realm beyondd ourselves.

So, why intentionally damage it?  I think it’s obvious.  It’s done as a means of keeping us out of the loop, spiritually speaking.

It’s also a fact that when exposed to fluoride, there is a dulling down of the senses and the thought processes in the brain.  Is it coincidental timing that the rise of the television in popularity occurred at the same time and pacing as the fluoridation of our water supply began?

Either way, facts are facts

We HAVE gotten more out of touch with what makes us sensitive to other, such as empathy and emotional rationality, to coin a phrase.  There HAS been a dumbing down of the population of humanity.

There HAS been a direct and undeniable fight against us and our right to choose what goes into our bodies.

Sure, we have the ability to buy bottled water in great quantities now.  And sure, they may claim that there is no fluoride in SOME of them.  However, isn’t it funny that they will poison us on one hand, and profit off of us on the other, knowing that they get theirs either way?

That’s the funny thing with fluoride.  If they had not “convinced” us that it was healthy for us to have it in our water and in our toothpastes, the companies that create it as a waste product of their industrial actions would have to pay enormous amounts of money in order to dispose of it safely.

How convenient that it just so happens to be so good for us, right? They get paid for the chemicals they make, AND they also get paid for the waste byproduct of that chemical manufacturing!

What a great coincidence!



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