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Open Eyes 012 Ebola Is A Terrorist Threat

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Is Ebola being used as a terrorist weapon? Are we all in a whole lot of trouble right now?

That is what the rumor mill is churning out.  That, and a whole lot more.

In this episode we take a good close look at the reality of the situation and speak about some of the issues facing us right now.  This is some seriously critical information for people to hear!

The following are the show notes used in the recording of this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.



Is ISIS using Ebola as a terrorist weapon?

The rumors surrounding the Ebola virus are spreading almost as fast as a virus, with too many cooks in the pot screaming doom and gloom.

One of these rumors is that ISIS is using the Ebola virus as a biological weapon.  They say that ISIS leaders claim that they have sent Ebola infected patients across the open borders of the United States and are spreading it out from there.

I don’t necessarily discount this type of scenario being possible (At least, the illegal immigrants that happen to be infected finding their way across the unguarded portions of the border), BUT, I do not think that ISIS is using it in this manner.


Because, if they had really wanted to do damage to us, they could simply infect a couple of people posing as lobbyists, go to Congress and start shaking some hands.

All of Congress would be down in a month.


Ebola is airborne!

I keep seeing people posting things saying that Ebola is airborne. I wanted to make sure to mention to you guys that Ebola, as a virus, is NOT airborne. It can be an AEROSOL. But not airborne.

There’s a big difference between the two.

As an aerosol, it can be in the air temporarily from sneezing, coughing, spitting, vomiting, pooping, etc. We spew it out when those things occur.
But it is not airborne. What that term means is that it, as a virus, is carried through the air and hangs out there til someone breathes it in. As opposed to an aerosol, which is heavy, and will quickly end up on the floor or surfaces.

Make sense? Okay. Don’t get caught in the disinformation out there. We’re not all dead yet.


So, IS Ebola a terrorist weapon?

Well, let me ask a couple of questions here.

Why is Ebola patented by the United States government?

According to the Supreme Court, no living entity can be patented unless something in that biological entity has been changed by the company patenting it.

Very curious, no?

The next question, which I think is even more important is, who benefits from an outbreak like this?

As soon as this outbreak began to take a foothold in the west, drug companies came forward with vaccines in the waiting, saying that they are now ready for human testing.

However, for a very long time now, there has been no cure, and they have said many times over that we were still many years away from a vaccine, let alone a cure.

Suddenly, now that it is in a more wealthy country, one that can afford to pay out the nose for the vaccines, there is a drug ready and waiting?

Don’t call me a conspiracy theorist with this.  I’m just asking questions.  Ones that you should already know the answers to.

I could very easily see this being a situation of “never let a good crisis go to waste,” in the words of Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff).  Laws and statutes slipping in to make the transition into a totalitarian state filled with quarantines and pointed weapons could EASILY happen here if we are not all very vigilant.

And, is Ebola being used as a terrorist threat?

Maybe not by ISIS, but it sure as hell is by others.

Take, for example, Glenn Canady.  This guy puts out on his website the article reading “Read this or you may die!”

What the hell, man? Talk about pandering to fear here.

It’s the fear-mongering that is going to do us in, more than a virus.  This is just one example of it.

On a, perhaps, milder scale (Though i use that word really loosely), the mainstream media has been having a FIELD DAY with this subject.  EVERYTHING is Ebola.  Everything is doom and gloom.

I have said it before… Ebola is not to be trifled with.  It’s a bad mother.  BUT, the way it spreads and the way it takes its victims down is its undoing right now.  Especially in the West.

That is, IF the CDC and WHO can get their heads out of their asses long enough to be able to do some good.

Take, for example, the fact that they admit they rather “dropped the ball” when it came to first telling the Hospitals what to do when Thomas Duncan came in.  Now, we have 2 more nurses that assisted him being victims of the virus, as well.

I’ll tell you what, if the government wanted to kill us, they’d follow these steps of ineptitude.

Oh, wait, they are.

Maybe there’s something for us to be concerned about, after all?


Don’t be negative

Seriously, though, folks, don’t fear this.  Be aware, be vigilant and be cautious, but don’t be filled with fear.  That is where mistakes happen.



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