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Open Eyes 010 Pros and Cons of Gun Control (Guest Joe Long) [SOME ADULT LANGUAGE]

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This is a special episode lasting a little longer than normal.  It will run approximately an hour.  There is also some MILD ADULT LANGUAGE as well.  Listen at your own risk.


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Gun control is a big issue.

There are many voices screaming on both sides of the issue, and, with it, comes much confusion regarding the truths of it all.

This episode explores both sides and tries to bring a voice of reason to the discussion.

This episode is co-hosted by our special guest, Joe Long.  You can find his bio in our Past Guests area of the website.


The following are the show notes used to record this episode.  They are here for your reference and convenience.



The Second Amendment

The second amendment specifically states that, in America, we have the right to keep and bear arms.

There is no other wording attached to it, it is simply that.

That right cannot be infringed for any reason.

However, it IS being infringed upon.

The second amendment does not apply to all states.  The states themselves have the right to disarm their citizens.  The federal law, designated by the constitution, simply makes it so that the states have their own choice and keeps the federal government from taking away the citizen’s rights to carry a weapon.

The People Against Guns

Tend to be liberal in policy, with the explanation that guns kill people.  However, that is an untruth.

Guns do not kill people.  People kill people.  You can kill someone without a gun, it’s just made easier with a gun.

You can beat someone to death with a gun, you don’t need to even shoot it.

Conservatives tend to take a more hands off approach to the whole deal, at least those that are more middle of the line.

Radical conservatives tend to be very strong on the rights to bear arms.  They will even go so far as to have multiple weapons themselves simply because they can.

The Pros to gun control laws…

There is a need to have some semblance of control over who has guns.  After all, some people are just crazy and do not need to have access to them.  There are also those that are felonious criminals that have either used guns to harm others before, or could do so.

People under a certain age group that have never had any training on the guns should also not have access to the weapons, since it can lead to a potential list of problems.

In most states you have to be 18 or older to have a handgun.

The cons to gun control laws

This list could go on quite extensively, to be honest.

First off, it keeps the government in check.  If the government decided to one day suppress the citizens, and there was no access to weapons on the part of the citizens, there would be no way to resist anything they wanted to do.

There is a fact that people do not really want to acknowledge… in the cities that have enacted strict gun control laws, such as Chicago, there is a massive up tick in crimes against the public.  The criminals have no problem accessing weapons.  If they want them, they will get them.  The only people harmed in the mix is the public, since it is, quite literally, unable to defend  itself and at the mercy of the criminal elements.

An armed society is a polite society

In areas that the gun control laws are lax, there is VERY little crime.  In Nelson, GA, there is a law requiring all citizens to own a gun.  There is virtually no crime in that city.

In “gun free zones” you have people walking in guns blazing.  It is a dangerous situation.  No one is able to defend themselves.

The parrot society and the problems because of it

Here’s the issue.  America right now has become a large parrot society.  Everyone listens to other people and their opinions on things, without taking a look at what they REALLY believe.

The facts are always overlooked in the issue.  And it’s primarily for one reason… the children.

Everything is ALL about “save the children.”  We have to “protect the children.”

The problem with that is, who is going to protect them when something DOES happen?

The police?  It takes, in most cities in America, 15-020 minutes sometiimes, before the police arrive on scene.  Other places, at best, it is 8-10 minutes.

Some places are 30-50 minutes.

Who is protecting the child then? You?  You have no weapon.  You gave it up along with your right and capability of defending yourself and those you care for.

Think LOGICALLY.  Detach yourself from the issue emotionally as much as possible.  If you are emotionally attached to a thing, you can no longer think rationally about the thing.

That is what the media is all about.  They are making everyone focused on “the children” because, as human beings, we are bred with the inherent desire to protect our offspring.  We will do anything to defend them.

They are using that against you.


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