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Open Eyes 005 Cops With Cameras

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What is this episode about?

Because of the massive amount of backlash growing against police violence and brutality, there are petitions floating about, designed to force the government to enact laws requiring police officers to carry cameras with them at all times while on duty.  In this episode, we explore some of the pros and cons of such a law, and why it is a necessity to talk about it.

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What is going on?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of months, you have likely heard of the situation in Ferguson Missouri.

Quick Recap
Michael Brown, 18, was shot by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson August 9
Riots and looting ensued
Governor declares state of emergency in Ferguson
Police begin militarized response to protestors gathering and things heat up big time

White House petition
Whitehouse.gov petition to force police officers nationwide to use cameras while they are on duty
Cameras would be on their person the whole time

What good and bad can come of this?
Police officers would have a constant “perfect witness” to any incidents that happen.
The public would feel safer knowing that everything would be recorded
Incidents of police aggression would be lowered

Example of swat team invasion with 2 children injured, one because he “ran into the officer’s weapon” though witnesses say that the cop hit him with the buttstock.  The other child was punched in the eye after not moving fast enough.

Miami SWAT Team Assaults Two Children During Raid

The no knock warrant was actually for a house 2 blocks away.

Example of 70 year old man shot for reaching into the bed of his truck for his cane after a traffic stop

70 Year Old Man Reaching For Cane Is Shot During SC Traffic Stop

The police have a shoot first ask questions later mentality
The number of civilians killed by police officers has now exceeded the amount of soldiers killed in the war.
You are 8 times as likely to be killed  by a law enforcement officer than by a terrorist

The negative aspects of cameras on cops

Privacy concerns
Bad behavior showing up on YouTube
Possibility of cops egging people on to have an excuse for aggression
Increase of the nanny state and constant surveillance society
Bad because we are constantly losing ground on our privacy rights and this would lead up further down that path

Why are cops seeming to be more aggressive now than before

Cops were not so hyper aggressive in my youth, though corrupt cops existed
Cops feel much more unsafe nowadays due to an increase in aggression from the public, especially in regards to what they deem as disrespecting their authority
More aggressive people becoming officers
Straight from the military

What are some possible negatives regarding the technology involved?

Possibility of abuse by officers involved in incidents if they have control over the data structure
“Accidentally” losing camera or breaking it
Complaints of it interfering in their safety concerns
Bad connections

What are some positives of the technology?

The private sector would be able to form cottage industries surrounding the tech
Public would eventually see new technology coming out that would be a trickle down from this new tech



Thank you for listening!

What are some positive and negative things that you can think of regarding all of this? Are you for or against cops wearing cameras while on duty? Leave a comment below and we will respond, and, perhaps, read your comments and respond to them on the air in a future episode.

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