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Open Eyes 001 Introduction Episode

Open Eyes Podcast



Introductory Episode


We wanted to post this episode as an introduction of sorts, for future new listeners of the Open Eyes broadcast to come and find out what this show is all about.

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What Open Eyes Is About


We focus on the truth in this show.  We seek out the truth, no matter where it may be found, and no matter the subject.

We may not always get to the heart of the matter, we may not always find the full story on things, but we can at least explore the subject, and shine a light on it.  That is where truth begins.

No subject is taboo here.  We cover everything that you can think of.  Whether it is a subject paranormal in nature or more mundane, aliens and cryptozoology, governmental conspiracies and their lies, as well as the lies that the dark masters that seek to rule us all tell us.

The fact is, humans have been lied to about our history all along, and we aim to shine a light on it all.

You’re invited along for the ride!


Will There Be Guests?


You bet there will be!

We already have lined up some great guests and some amazing content for you.  Plus, we welcome input from you in everything we do.


This show is for you, not us.



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